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Extravagant ISF by Ulbert 390

By Beckie LaSalle

Sandy Borek and Extravagant ISF, Training Level Champions

Congratulations to Sandy Borek and Extravagant

June 2015 Update

Sandy Borek bought Extravagant ISF from ISF two years ago. "Here we are at the Kelowna Riding Club Spring Dressage show. We where the training level champions. Scores where 63.636 - 69.231."

The rain didn't stop them from having a great show! 

June 2013 Update

Extravagant is doing very well. There is always something new going on around her and she has been AMAZING with it all!!!  She is in training 6 days a week. I had a great ride on her Monday. Just me and her, which I needed. We are getting to know each other very well. When we ride her there is always an audience watching :) and they comment on how beautiful she is :) . Kat, my trainer, is really liking Extravagant and is as excited as I am to get her ready for the show ring.  She has met a lot of my friends and there little girls and my family. She is very social and says hi to each person standing there.

She has had her feet done and she was great, they couldn't believe she was 3. I also had a gentleman come out and do some kinesiology work on her. We hit some tight spots but she was really good with it. I just thought that after that long trip and the stress on her it would be good to get her worked on. It was also a good to get a base line on her muscles so we can support her as she starts training.

I think I told you that we are aiming to put her in 2 training shows. One is in mid June and the other mid way through summer. Our goal is to have her ready for her FEI 4 yr old in September 1 long weekend at Southlands.

Sandy Borek

May 2013 Update
Hi Ashley,

WOOT WOOT!!!!! She is on her way home! I don't think I can possibly express how crazy excited I am. I saw my trainer yesterday and she is very excited to meet Extravagant. Again, thank you for being so determined that I try Extravagant and all your work making this happen in such a positive and exciting way. Also, the staff that we did meet in Ocala were sooooo nice to deal with.  ISF has been amazing. I also think so far that Extravagant is the nicest looking Friesian I've seen out this way. I will send you pictures on her progress. We are talking about putting her into an FEI class for 4 yr olds, Kat will ride her. I will let you know how she does. 
Have a great day,

Sandy Borek