Tjalbert 460 Approved on Offspring

  • January 22, 2016
  • by Christine de Hererra

Tjalbert 460 was Approved on Offspring by the Royal Friesian Studbook (KFPS). This prestigious designation ensures that a stallion has produced a significant number of sons and daughters who have been evaluated as exceptional individuals and who will add desirable traits and genetics to the breed. At least 20 offspring must successfully complete the KFPS performance testing before a stallion will be awarded this status after his fifth or sixth breeding season.

Tjalbert was a successful dressage horse in the Netherlands before being imported to the United States. His elastic gaits and supple topline made collected work easy for him.

His early North American foal crops are earning 1st Premie awards. In 2015, four of his offspring received champion or reserve at their Friesian Horse Association of North America (FHANA) keurings.

In Europe, two Tjalbert sons were selected for the 2015 stallion show in the Netherlands: Redbad fan Egypte (Tjalbert 460 x Anton 343, Sport) and Patser v.d. Terpen (Tjalbert 460 x Rindert 406, Sport).

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