New ISF Loyalty Program


Uno Don Diego

  • January 11, 2017

We value our returning clients.

We value our clients and want to show our appreciation by offering discounts every time you breed your mare to one of our stallions. The more frequently you return to an ISF stallion the bigger the discount will be.

Mare owners who have bred to an ISF stallion in previous years are eligible for our new Loyalty Program discounts starting in 2017.


  • 1st return: 10% discount ($150 off) = $1350 stud fee
  • 2nd return: 15% discount ($225 off) = $1275 stud fee
  • 3rd return: 20% discount ($300 off) = $1200 stud fee
  • 4th return or more: 25% discount ($375 off) = $1125 stud fee

In addition to our new Loyalty Program, multiple mare discounts have been increased.


  • 2 mares in one year: 15% discount off per mare ($225 off) = $1275 stud fee
  • 3 mares in one year: 20% discount per mare ($300 off) = $1200 stud fee
  • 4 or more mares in one year: 25% discount per mare ($375 off) = $1125 stud fee

The multiple mare discount is based on how many of your mares have been booked at that point. Example: If two mares are booked, each will receive a 15% ($225) discount on the stud fee. If a third mare is booked at a later date, a 20% ($300) discount will apply. No retroactive discounts are given.

There are no restrictions on when previous breedings were purchased.
Only one discount per stud fee. The greatest discount will be applied.


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