Sir Sinclair, Keur, #1 USEF Dressage Sire 2017


Caymus by Sir Sinclair, Keur - Intermedaire 1 HOTY

  • January 10, 2018

Iron Spring Farm’s Sir Sinclair, Keur, was the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) #1 Sire of Dressage Horses for the third consecutive year (2015-2017). Sir’s offspring earned 8,669 points in dressage competitions throughout the year, more than 4,000 points ahead the second place stallion, UB40, who is also owned by Iron Spring. 

Sir’s historic achievement was made possible by 76 sons and daughters earning points, including 20 offspring competing at FEI. Rounding out the incredible year for the Iron Spring stallions, Contango, Preferent, finished fourth among nearly 900 ranked dressage sires in 2017.
Numerous superstar Sir offspring won national-level accolades.

Caymus received the United States Dressage Federation (USDF) Intermediaire I Horse of the Year (HOTY). Caymus, ridden by Jodie Kelly, won eight classes at competitive shows like the Adequan Global Dressage Festival and the Palm Beach Dressage Derby. The pair also earned two Adequan/USDF All Breeds Championships (KWPN-NA) at both Prix St. Georges and Intermediaire I. Earlier this month, Caymus was named to the 2018 US Developing Horses list. “It’s very exciting! I keep pinching myself,” said Jodie. Caymus is a 2009 gelding out of Wencenza, a Grand Prix mare by Contango, Preferent. He was bred by and is owned by Beth Godwin.

Eschaton won 18 second and third level classes with owner/rider Casey Blum in 2017, including the US Dressage Finals Second Level AA Championship and the GAIG/USDF Region 4 Second Level AA Championship. The pair also won Adequan/USDF All Breeds Second Level AA Championship (KWPN-NA). Casey was just fifteen when she purchased Eschaton as a yearling. This was Casey’s first year to qualify for the U.S. Dressage Finals and her first trip to the Kentucky Horse Park. “I have worked with Eschaton since day one on the ground and in the saddle. The feeling of accomplishment after so many years of hard work was so gratifying. Eschaton helped me to grow up into the person I am today,” she explained. Eschaton was bred by at Providence Farm by Linda Smith, one of the country’s preeminent sport horse breeders.

Honor, another product of Linda’s breeding program, and a full brother to Eschaton, had a median score of 72.50% at 1st Level, which earned him and rider Ashley Duran the USDF 1st Level Junior/Young Rider Horse of the Year award, as well as the All Breeds Award (KWPN-NA) at the same level. Honor and Ashley won every First and Second Level classes they entered in 2017. Eschaton and Honor are out of Melisande, by Carpaccio.

Linda has matched her mares to Sir on seven occasions. “We love our Sir babies,” she said. Linda attributes her many successful competition horses to Grand Prix trainer Jami Kment, who happens to be her daughter. “Jami gets the majority of the credit for the success of our breeding program and the magic that's happened for their owners.  Most of my amazing Sir babies have gone to Jami's students.  The horses and riders are trained correctly, and brought along carefully.  These riders are living the dream, winning their classes at the local, regional, and even national Level, things they never believed were possible.”

Another national star is Haiku. The 2012 mare, out of Melvira by Gentleman, won the Second Level Championships at both the U.S. Dressage Finals with a 73.92% and the GAIG/USDF Region 3 Finals with a 77.059%. Haiku was ridden by Anna Marek and is owned by Diane Morrison.

Twenty horses showing at FEI, including four at Grand Prix, added to Sir’s point totals in 2017. Air Marshall, ridden by James Koford and owned by Coleen Gray; Zania, owned and ridden by Jami Kment; Zuperman, ridden by Kathleen Raine and owned by Leona Pollack; and Dee Clair, ridden by Anna Marek and owned by Diane Morrison. 

UB40, Keur, and Contango, Preferent, ranked 2nd and 4th.

Thank You

Thanks to the horses, riders, owners and breeders that contributed to Sir Sinclair's top score of 8869 points. This is the third consecutive year that Sir Sinclair has earned first place. Below are the 76 horses, grouped by level and the highest level shown.


Air Marshall
Breeder: Shirley McQuillan, Owner: Collen Grey, Rider: James Koford
Dee Clair
Breeder: Dr. Ruth Sorensen, Owner: Diane Morrison, Rider: Anna Marek
Breeder: BJ Odink, Owner/Rider: Jami Kment
Breeder/Owner: Leona Pollack, Rider: Kathleen Raine


Breede/Owner: Suellen Myers, Rider: Bruno Greber
Breeder: PPW Janssen, Owner/Rider: Debra Klamen


Aphrodite ISF
Breeder: Iron Spring Farm, Inc., Owner/Rider: Jeanne DeGrazia
Breeder: Nancy Murray, Owner/Rider: Emily Donaldson
Breeder: Brenda Kowal, Owner/Rider: Joan Gariboldi
Breeder/Owner: Beth Godwin, Rider: Jodie Kelly-Baxley
Classy Sinclair
Breeder/Owner: Lisa Grossi, Rider: Leif Aho
Con Brio
Breeder: Sheri Evers-Rock, Owner/Rider: Franziska Seid
Dominus Denhartog
Breeder: Charlene Lange, Owner: Alexandra Duarte, Rider: Volker Brommann / Alexandra Duarte
Zoe Claire
Breeder: Monica Stevenson, Owner/Rider Rachel Chowanec


Before Taxes
Breeder/Owner: Shirley McQuillan, Rider: James Koford
Drifters Way
Breeder: P & P Outfitters, Owner: Lee Reilly, Rider: Linnet Tell-Waldron
Breeder: Carl Huisinga, Owner/Rider: Anne McCord
Miss Elizabeth
Breeder: Christie Snyder, Owner: Jane McGough, Rider: Debbie Fornia-Dewitt


Breeder: John Sanzo, Owner: Maryann Feldstein, Rider: Eleni Econopouly
Boo Sinclair
Breeder: Diana Miller Howard Owner: Heather Boo, Rider: Laura Hall
Breeder: Juliana R. Calzone, Owner: Diane Morrison, Rider: Anna Marek
Chocolate Delight
Breeder: Tracy Lyn Ammons / Carla Gudorf, Owner: Carla Gudorf, Rider: Candace McKay
Choochoo Charlie
Breeder/Owner: Shirley McQuillan, Rider: Emily Brollier
Cordero Sir
Breeder: Julie Forman, Owner/Rider: Heather Howell
Breeder: Belinda Wertman, Owner: Karen & Justin Berger, Rider: Heather Romriell
Breeder/Owner: Wendy Morgan, Rider: Katy Augsburger


Bienvenu ZSH
Breeder: Terri Chabaud, Owner/Rider: Gerlinde Beckers
Breeder: Angie Frechette-Forin, Owne/Riderr: Kasey Spear-Feola
Breeder: James & Elizabeth Williams, Owner/Rider: Nancy Hackett-Harrison
Breeder: Loucky Hagens-Groosman, Owner/Rider: Wendy Clough
Breeder: Michelle Dorsey, Owner: Lisa Miller, Rider: Anna Marek
Breeder: Carolyn Baber, Owner/Rider: Jaralyn Finn
Delightful Dame
Breeder: Sandi Lieb, Owner/Rider: Amy Hartman
Breeder: Janet Stamps, Owner/Rider: Tara Stamps
Breeder: Linda Smith, Owner/Rider: Casey Blum
Breeder: B.A. Bus, Owner/Rider: Tamara Harmon
Summer Sinclair 
Breeder: Henri Tohme, Owner/Rider: Mimi Mack
Breeder: M. Tijssen, Owner/Rider: Cindy Cooke
Breeder: M. Van Goetham, Owner/Rider: Hope Greenfield


A Sinclair Edition
Breeder/Owner/Rider: Dawn Brittain Merrell
Breeder/Owner: Shirley McQuillan, Rider: Emily Brollier
Breeder: Darla D’Agay, Owner/Rider: Melissa Delvecchio
Breeder: Stephanie Koehler, Owner: Nanni Baker Rider: Nanni Baker / Nancy Hinz
Calamity Jane
Breeder/Owner: Shirley McQuillan, RIder: Jessica Turner
Breeder: Jean Podborny, Owner/Rider: Courtney Burkholder
Breeder: Amy Hamilton Beard, Owner: Stephanie Phelan, Rider: Erin Scelba-Johnson
Crane Creek Sweet Woodruff
Breeder: Wendy Morgan Owner/Rider: Rebecca Clough
D. Rubert G.
Breeder/Owner/Rider: Debbie la Fleur
Owner/Rider: Alexandra Weeks
Breeder: Kathy O’Neill, Owner/Rider: Cynthia Keener
Breeder: Hope Greenfield, Owner: Cheryl Ann Rickards, RIder: Katarina Antens-Miller
Breeder: Linda Smith, Owner/Rider: Ellie Pfannebecker
Breeder: Inspo, Inc., Owner: Jodi Lemkemann, Rider: Martin Kuhn
Hope Greenfield Hope Greenfield Katie Patton
Breeder: Belinda Wertman, Owner: Diane Morrison, Rider: Anna Marek
Silva AFI
Breeder: Erika Pilimai, Owner/Rider: Suzanne Flores
Summer Solstice
Owner/Rider: Martha Pieper
Viva La Vivi
Owner/Rider: Carol Mavrakis


Breeder: Peter Ruig, Owner/Rider: Katherine Graham
Breeder/Owner/Rider: Sara Eberly
Breeder/Owner: Susan E. Vine, Rider: Dilara Drukker
Eau De Vie
Breeder: Billie Becker, Owner/Rider: Verena Diaz
Breeder: Patricia Bullard, Owner/Rider: Nina Warren
Gabrielle S
Breeder/Owner: Sonnenberg Farm, LLC, Rider: Gina Ruediger
Breeder: Linda Smith, Owner/Rider: Ashley Duran
Breeder: Linda Smith, Owner/Rider: Laureen van Norman
Imperial WRF
Breeder: Judy Reggio, Owner/Rider: Alexandra Du Celliee Muller
Iroquois Song
Breeder/Owner: Donna Stevenson, Rider: Brian MacMahon
Sir Tezaro
Breeder: Nena Covington, Owner/Rider: Marsha Tucker
Winston Sir
Breeder: ET. Hooft, Owner/Rider: Debra Zito


Don Angelo
Breeder/Owner: Elizabeth Higgins, Rider: Richard Matthews
ES Marianna
Breeder: Ulla Boysen, Owner/Rider: Julie Wood
H&R Hare Bear Legacy
Breeder/Owner/Rider: Lynn Medeo
Breeder/Owner/Rider: Deanna Greulich
Icon Des
Breeder: Richard Chong, Owner/Rider: Renee Chong