News Highlights

2018 US Dressage Finals Championships

by Sir Sinclair out of Novina x Danny/Domino
10th place, Intermediate I, Freestyle, AA-Championship, 61.757%
Owner/Rider Joan Gariboldi, Breeder Brenda Kowal

by Sir Sinclair out of Melisande x Carpaccio
7th place, Third Level, AA - Championship, 68.675%
Owner/Rider Casy Blum, Breeder Linda J. Smith

Imperial WRF
by Sir Sinclair out of Zippidy-Do-Da WRF x Jazz
8th place, Training level, Open - Championship, 70.152%
10th place, First Level, Open - Champioship, 68.627%
Owner/Rider Alexandra du Ceilee Muller, Breeder Judy Reggio

by UB40 out of Windsor CA x Warkant
10th place, Third Level, Freestyle, Open - Championship, 68.622%
Owner/Rider Hailey Guard, Breeder Susen Shumaker

Eye Candy
by UB40 out of EM Wednesday x Weltmeyer
1st place, Fourth Level, Freestyle, AA - Championship, 71.467%
2nd place, Fourth Level AA - Championship, 67.407%
7th Prix St. Georges, AA - Championship, 66.716%
Owner/Rider Amy Gimbel, Breeder Judy Barrett

Forty Creek
by UB40 out of Windsor CA x Warkant
5th place, Third Level, Freestyle, Open - Championship, 71.256%
Owner/Rider Bridget Bursey, Breeder Susen Shumaker

by UB40 out of Jolien E x Chronos
1st place, Second Level, AA - Championship. 71.585%
Owner/Rider Laura Crowl, Breeder Reese Koffler-Stanfield

Inigo Montoya
by UB40 pit pf Frenya x Martini
5th place, Training level, AA - Championship, 68.712%
Owner/Rider Leigh Kent-Scherzer, Breeder Megan Fischer-Graham

Due Process
by Consul out of Mist of Diamonds x O'Learys Irish Diamond
9th place, First Level, Freestyle, Open - Champioship, 70.522%
Owner/Rider Darcy Miller, Breeder Sheila O'Keefe

by Riverman ISF out of Welona
4th place, Grand Prix, Open - Championship, 66.630%
2nd place, Grand Prix, Freestyle, Open - Championship, 71.542%
Owner/Rider Heather Mason, Breeder H. Dave Haar