Breeding Contracts and Forms

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2019 Cooled Semen for Embryo Transfer Contract

2019 FR Cooled Semen Contract

2019 FR Frozen Semen Contract

2019 Frozen Semen Request Form - SBS

2019 Order Frozen Semen by the Dose Form

2019 WB Cooled Semen Contract

2019 WB Frozen Semen Contract

Equine Blood Typing / Antibody Screen Test

Hydrocephalus / Dwarfism Test Order Form

Owner Information Form - Friesians

Owner Information Form - Warmbloods

Rider Release Form

Visitor Release Form

Friesian Stallion Breeding Forms

Ulbert 390, Sport,

2019 FR Frozen Semen Contract

Warmblood Stallion Breeding Forms

Important Note

Canadian Breeders must supply us with a copy of their Import Permit before frozen semen can be shipped. The frozen semen originates from: (Select Breeders Service must be listed as the Producer and Exporter of the semen)

Select Breeders Service
1088 Nesbitt Rd.
Colora, MD 21917 USA