Breeder's Services

The ISF American Advantage

  • Support provided to customers and your veterinarian to help your mare conceive and carry to full term
  • Support and expert answers on breeding, registration, keuring and sales
  • Mare Matching to help you identify the qualities for your ideal foal in temperament, size, conformation and movement
  • DNA testing for genetic issues
  • Select Breeder Services (SBS) provides quality control of both frozen and cooled semen
  • Breeding discounts
  • Live foal guarantee
  • Nutritional information for optimal health of the pregnant mare, foal and young performance horse
  • Availability for posting all ISF sired offspring on our sales site
  • KWPN-NA affiliation
  • FHANA affiliation

Choosing a stallion for your mare is an important decision. Type, temperament, athletic ability, bloodlines, offspring success and cost are all important considerations—but they’re not the only considerations.

Our stallions are outstanding athletes with carefully researched and proven bloodlines. We screen for temperament as closely as we do for bloodlines. We believe great horses should also be a pleasure to own and ride. Iron Spring Farm has an unmatched record of producing champions for the national and international sport horse world—not just in dressage, but in all disciplines.

Stallion Selection

We offer mare breeding recommendations, which include evaluation of bloodlines, conformation, and breeding goals in order to help you choose the Iron Spring Farm Warmblood or Friesian stallion that best complements your mare. We are also happy to check inbreeding coefficients for Friesian mares.

For assistance with matching your mare with one of our stallions please provide the following information:

  • Copy of her registration papers, if available

  • Linear score sheet, if available

  • Conformation photograph

  • Breeding history

  • Breeding goals

You can begin your search for the perfect stallion match by reviewing the information provided in our stallion section.

Mare Care for a Successful Pregnancy

Proper mare care is essential for a successful pregnancy. Working with veterinarians who specialize in reproduction, we’ve developed a program that helps keep your mare safe and healthy. All mares are treated as individuals. We do everything possible to make their time at Iron Spring Farm as stress-free as possible. Here are some things you can expect from our program:

  • Mares can be managed for artificial insemination with fresh, chilled or frozen semen, as well as embryo transfer.

  • Our veterinarians at Unionville Equine Associates, have been working with us for more than 25 years. They have the largest breeding practice in our region. They will consult with leading reproductive experts in North America as needed.

  • Maiden or timid mares will be handled with extra care. We will take the time to prepare them and teach them about the breeding process, use of the breeding stocks, etc.

  • Feeding program tailored to each mare’s specific needs. We work closely with leading nutritionists to develop and implement custom feeding programs for mares with special needs.

  • Mares are checked daily for overall health. Any medical issues will be addressed promptly by our veterinarians.

  • Stalls have excellent ventilation, good floors and safe walls.

  • Fencing is safe post and rail that is maintained and checked daily.

  • Foals that accompany their dams will be handled daily.

  • Close monitoring of cycles.

  • Daily teasing by experienced teaser stallion.

  • Mares are checked in safe breeding stocks.

  • Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with challenges that arise when breeding older, sub-fertile and Friesian mares.

  • Staff lives on site.

  • Mares are kept in an EVA negative breeding barn. Mares that are being bred with EVA positive semen are bred following EVA positive protocol and are kept in a separate facility.

  • Iron Spring Farm is only 20 minutes from the New Bolton Center at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in case of emergency. Iron Spring Farm can provide transportation to New Bolton Center for a nominal fee of $100.

Other ISF Breeder Advantages

On going professional promotion of the stallions
The more we accomplish and promote, the higher the potential value of your foal.

Sales Assistance
This service is available for all of our current and alumni stallion offspring. Our state of the art website offers free listings in our Client Sales section. When people come to our online sales pages, you know they’re looking for something special.  Many clients bought and sold ISF sired horses through these ads.  Buyers and sellers communicate directly.

The Exceptional Experience You Deserve
We have hundreds of repeat clients. They tell us they are amazed at how great the ISF experience is. We appreciate their kind words and hope you’ll enjoy reading them as much as we do!

If you have questions about the ISF breeding program, stallions, contracts, or support programs, we’re happy to chat with you. We love it when you take advantage of our experience and allow us to help you reach your goals. You can begin your search for the perfect stallion match by reviewing the information provided in our stallion section.