Developing Horses

Xenon ISF

Friesian Gelding
Breeder: Iron Spring Farm
Foaled: May 31, 2015
Color: Black
Registry: FHANA
Type: Dressage, Driving
Height: 15.2 H
Xenon ISF is a 2015 15.2hh Friesian gelding with noble, elegant proportions and terrific Friesian hair. His trot is competitive but comfortable and he has a great, dynamic canter. Xenon was awarded 1st Premie and Champion Colt at his 2015 FHANA Keuring. He has solid, correct conformation and notable potential as a competitive, eye-catching show horse.


Bloodlines Details

    • Brend 413, Sport  
      • Brandus 345, Sport, Pref  
        • Reitse 272, Sport, Pref  
        • Hoogheid, Star  
      • Meta van de Strubbenhof, Star  
        • Doeke 287 
        • Jovanka, Star, Pref  
    Xenon ISF 
    • Goaitske fan 'e Wigeri, Star  
      • Heinse 354, Sport, Pref  
        • Leffert 306, Sport, Pref  
        • Ljutske, Star  
      • Rymke fan 'e Wigeri, Star  
        • Hearke 254, Sport, Pref  
        • Doutsen fan 'e Wigeri, Star, Pref