Breeding FAQs

Make sure you have a vet that does a lot of breeding using artificial insemination. Ask your vet for tips. Also your mare should be a healthy weight and in good condition. Mares that are too thin or overweight will have difficulty in conceiving. Be sure your mare is up to date on her vaccinations and de-worming before she is due to come in heat and be bred. We recommend that all mares have a uterine culture the cycle before you plan to breed them. Even maiden mares can have a low-grade infection that will prevent them from conceiving.

Be as organized as possible and make sure your veterinarian knows the ordering procedure and collection schedule of the farm where the stallion stands. If at all possible, have your mare at a facility that does breeding work regularly and can tease and palp the mare everyday as she comes into heat. Call and give the breeding farm a "heads up" right before your mare comes into heat. If there is any chance your mare might need to be bred, order the semen and let the farm know that you may have to cancel. It's also important to breed on a good heat cycle, not a transitional cycle, such as a cycle early in the season. The chances of conception improve when the mare is regular.

At Iron Spring, once the mare's follicle gets large and begins to soften, we inseminate every other day until she ovulates. If appropriate we do a post ovulation uterine infusion with antibiotics to prevent any infection. We also will caslick any mares that have questionable vulvular confirmation or any history of contracting uterine infections. With A.I. breeding, the caslick will not have to be removed if she doesn't get pregnant the first heat cycle and needs to be bred again. For this and more information about preparing your mare for breeding order our video Guide to Successful Breeding with Artificial Insemeination. 

 Each time you receive a shipment of semen you will pay a handling fee and transportation fees for the shipment. See our fee schedule for current prices. Your stud fee entitles you to order semen for as many "heat cycles" as it takes to impregnate your mare during the breeding season.

If the timing has been good for the inseminations and your mare hasn't conceived after 2 cycles, we may require that you re-culture or do a uterine biopsy to determine if she has a physical problem preventing conception. We may also suggest looking into whether or not the mare needs progesterone therapy. If the mare is very old we may suggest switching to another mare.

Once we have shipped someone semen, whether they use it or not, there are no refunds under any circumstances. If you don't have another mare, we can help you locate one. People often call us with nice broodmare's they will loan to someone on a free or inexpensive lease. We will work with you to find a solution. 

 Yes, just let us know in writing which stallion you'd like to switch to. If the stud fee is higher, you can simply send us a check for the difference.

We have several discount programs available to mare owners. They're posted in the Breeding Discount section of the web site and are also included in our printed packets of information. 

We have a beautiful brochure and video available. Another great resource is the KWPN-NA (North American Department of Dutch Warmbloods). They have a very informative Stallion handbook available at no charge. It has information on show and offspring results for all Approved Dutch stallions standing in North America. Their phone number is 541-459-3232.  

You can call and leave a message with our answering service. Emergencies are forwarded to an appropriate staff member. The barn staff are here 7 days a week until 4:00 p.m. They can take requests for written information and semen orders. Outside of those hours, leave a message or send a fax which is available 24 hours a day. Our fax number is 610-857-2164. 

We usually have older brochures available that include the stallions we have sold. We'll gladly send you one. Also, the KWPN-NA Stallion handbook will give you stallion and offspring show results for all Approved Dutch stallions standing in North America. Their phone number is 541-459-3232.