Friesian Alumni Stallions

Erik 351, Sport

Friesian Stallion
Sire: Jelmer 297
Dam: Stina
Dam Sire: Frans 289

Foaled: April 28, 1993
Color: Black
Registered by KFPS
Type: Dressage
Height: 16.1 H
Approved by: KFPS

1993 - 2013

Imported to the U.S. in 2003, Erik impressed both as a sire and as a performance horse. He competed in Prix St. Georges and Intermediare I with scores above 70%. He won multiple championships, including the CBLM and USDF Region 1 Finals.

He had a wonderful personality, enjoyed being ridden and had an outstanding work ethic, which his offspring inherit. Erik’s sons and daughters have good conformation and are nice riding type horses. He consistently sired good Friesian models with jet black coats.

Erik descends from the Ritske line of stallions, which have not been overused in the Friesian breed. This made him desirable as a breeding stallion since his offspring broaden the gene pool. Erik was Approved on Offspring and sired numerous keuring champions. He also has an Approved son, Arjen 417.
Erik 351 Performance Achievements

  • Shown through Intermediaire I and Prix St. Georges.  Scores through 71%
  • Awarded Sport predicate for Dressage

Stallion Test Results

Walk 7, Trot 7, Canter 6.5, Rideability 7, Driving test 7, Pulling test 6.5, Show driving 6.5, Trainability (willingness to work) 8, Stable manners 9, Character 8

Kinship 15.9%
Allowable white 8.1%
Non-allowable white 0.5%


Bloodlines Details

Erik’s sire, Jelmer 297, is the sire of three Approved stallions, including Erik. Jelmer is from the Ritske line of stallions, which have not been overused in the Friesian breed.

Erik is from Stam Line 40. His damsire is Frans 289, one of the last of the rare Age line. Frans is the sire of the Approved stallion Melle. Frans was trained through Prix St. Georges and was the Friesian star of the famous Robert Vavra book, Horses of the Sun.

    • Jelmer 297 
      • Tsjalling 235, Pref  
        • Hotse 223 
        • Villie II., Model  
      • Goaitski, Model, Pref  
        • Mark 232, Pref  
        • Clazinia, Preferent  
    Erik 351, Sport  
    • Stina, Star  
      • Frans 289 
        • Lammert 260 
        • Pauline, Ster  
      • Oldina, Star  
        • Ygram 240 

Photos & Videos

Notable Offspring

Notable Offspring Details


Arjen 417
Approved Stallion
Inke FCF
1st Place, 69.671%, USDF All Breeds Awards, FHANA, Prix St. Georges Open, 2013
1st Place, 69.737%, USDF All Breeds Awards, FHANA, Intermediaire I Open, 2013
12 Intermediate I wins, 2012

Kees B
Winning Training Level Dressage, 2012

Xander C
2nd Place, 2nd Level Test 1, 4 2nd Places, 2nd Level, International Horse Sport Champions Cup, 2012

3rd Place, Prix St. George, 2nd Place, Jr/YR/AA/Open Championship, CSDEA Dressage Festival & Championship. 2nd Place, Prix St. George, 1st Place, 4th Level Test 3, Northern Lights Dressage. 1st Place, NAJYRC Young Rider Individual Test, 1st Place, NAJYRC Young Rider Test, SLADS Fall Dressage Classic, 2012
Pentagon ISF
Winning Training Level with scores above 70%, 2010

Training Level Dressage, 2012

Tryntsje Wv, Crown
Mare and Site Champion, FHANA Keuring, 2011

Pilgrim ISF
Star, Selected for Stallion Testing, FHANA Keuring 2008
Aloha ISF
Champion Colt, FHANA Keuring, 2008
Perla Nera
1st Premie, Champion FHANA Keuring, 2013

Baije fan Signature Fr
Champion Filly, FHANA Keuring, 2008
Brutus des Pins Verts
Champion Colt, FHANA Keuring, 2008

Zalig, Star
Reserve Champion, FHANA Keuring, 2010
Eastern Star ISF
Reserve Champion Colt, FHANA Keuring, 2009
Sir Anthony
Reserve Champion, FHANA Keuring, 2008

Niles of Shady Nook Farm
2nd Premie Colt, FHANA Keuring, 2012  

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