Friesian Alumni Stallions

Goffert 369, Sport

Friesian Stallion
Sire: Reitse 272
Dam: Nynke J.
Dam Sire: Cobus 248

Foaled: June 14, 1994
Color: Black
Registered by KFPS
Type: Dressage
Height: 16.3 H
Approved by: KFPS

1994 - 2007

Goffert 369 was an Approved Friesian stallion by Preferent stallion Reitse out of Nynke J. by Cobus. He completed his stallion test in 1997 and was imported to ISF in January of 2002.

Goffert 369 was big, beautiful and talented and he brought an exciting new dimension to the world of dressage. He competed at Grand Prix with Belinda Nairn-Wertman until his death in 2007.

During his dressage career Goffert achieved numerous Grand Prix scores over 60%. Highlights included 1st place in the Grand Prix Freestyle at the Kentucky Horse Park with a score of 74.1% and he placed 4th in the Grand Prix Freestyle at Dressage at Devon CDI-W with a score of 69.5%

In 2006 Goffert was honored by being made the Breyer Friesian Horse of the Year with a new model sculpted in his image. His offspring are consistently recognized as suitable for dressage and in 2007, 15 were awarded 1st or 2nd premie by FHANA.

Goffert is an approved FPS stallion and is approved on offspring. His in-breeding coefficient is 3.71

Mare owners please check for Neonatal Isoerythrolysis [NI].


Bloodlines Details

Goffert is from Stam Line 78.

    • Reitse 272, Sport, Pref  
      • Hearke 254, Sport, Pref  
        • Mark 232, Pref  
        • Gelbrich, Model + Preferent  
      • Pauliene, Star, Pref  
        • Hotse 223 
        • Aef, Model, Pref.  
    Goffert 369, Sport  
    • Nynke J., Star  
      • Cobus 248 
        • Gerke 220 
        • Witha, Ster  
      • Sonja, Model, Preferent  
        • Ritske 202, Pref  
        • Trees, Model    

Notable Offspring

Notable Offspring Details

Beerend W 
1st place, 69.342%, USDF All Breeds Awards, FHANA, Prix St. Georges, 2014
6 wins, Prix St. Georges, 2014
1st place, 68.333%, US Dressage Finals, 4th Level Freestyle Championships, 2013
20 wins at 3rd and 4th Level, 2013

Xenophon SMF
2nd place, 68.077%, USDF All Breeds Awards, FHANA, 3rd Level, 2014
7 wins, 3rd Level, 2014

Xenia Fan Willow View
1st place, 77.167%, USDF All Breeds Awards, FHANA, 2nd Level Freestyle, 2014
13 wins, 2nd Level and 2nd Level Freestyle, scores as high as 77%, 2014
1st place, 76.6%, GAIG/USDF Region II Championships, 2nd Level Freestyle Championships, 2014
3rd place, 72.011%, US Dressage Finals, 2nd Level Freestyle Championships, 2014

Thiadrik fan Matthys Meadown
Star / 80 Ridden IBOP

Scepter Fan Leander
1st place, 73.226%, USDF All Breeds Awards, FHANA, 1st Level Open, 2013