Friesian Alumni Stallions

Heinse 354, Sport, Pref.

Friesian Stallion
Sire: Leffert 306, Sport, Pref.
Dam: Ljutske, Star
Dam Sire: Dimer 285

Foaled: March 5, 1994
Color: Black
Type: Dressage
Height: 16.1 H
Approved by: KFPS

1994 - 2009

Heinse passed on June 4, 2009 and is greatly missed. He decended from the oldest Friesian motherline in the Netherlands, Stam Line 122, and was an outstanding example of the Friesian breed. He was awarded Preferent status posthumously in 2014.

Before being imported to the United States in the fall of 2004, he had twice won the Dutch National Driving Championships in Holland. Heinse 354 is also a three time Dutch National Champion Friesian Stallion.

In the USA, Heinse has been winning at Fourth Level dressage. In 2005 at the CBLM Championship he was Reserve Champion Fourth Level, musical freestyle. In 2006, at the Vada/Nova Autumn show Heinse won his Fourth Level tests with scores of 67.44% and 70.46%. He was also the high score horse of the show.

Heinse's accomplishments are also being reflected in his offspring. He has 2 approved sons in the Netherlands, Bente 412 and Wisse 408, as well as Meinse 439, standing at Iron Spring Farm. Bente was Approved on Offspring in December 2008. A Heinse daughter was named the 2006 Grand Champion Mare at the FPS Central Keuring.

Heinse 354 was an approved FPS stallion and approved on offspring. He has a high percentage - approximately 47% - of star offspring. He was awarded the Sport predicate in dressage in 2007. Heinse has an inbreeding co-efficient of 3.71%

Stallion Test Results: Walk 6.0, Trot 7.5, Canter 6.5, Riding 7.5, Driving 7.0, Pulling 5.5, Show 8.0, Training 8.0, Manners 9.0, Character 9.0


Bloodlines Details

Heinse's dam is from the oldest mother line in the Netherlands, Stamm Line 122. His sire Leffert 306 has produced 5 KFPS Approved Stallions, including Heinse 354. Leffert was 2 times Grand Champion at the KFPS Stallion Show and performs at Z level dressage with Champion and Reserve Champion wins.

    • Leffert 306, Sport, Pref  
      • Tamme 276 
        • Jochem 259, Pref  
        • Lawine, Ster  
      • Bontsje, Star, Pref  
        • Oepke 266 
        • Enka, Ster, Preferent  
    Heinse 354, Sport, Pref  
    • Ljutske, Star  
      • Dimer 285 
        • Dagho 247 
        • Zierda, Model, Preferent  
      • Bettie, Star, Prest  
        • Oege 267, Pref  
        • Piterkje, Star, Pref    

Notable Offspring

Notable Offspring Details

Talisman ISF, Star
Equitation Champion, Lendon Gray Youth Dressage Festival 2015

Valentino JRB
1st place, 70.032%, USDF All Breeds Awards, FHANA, 3rd Level Open, 2013

Wonderful ISF
77.5 Driving IBOP, FHANA Keuring, 2013

Goaitske fan ' Wigeri Star
1st Premie, Champion FHANA Keuring, 2013

Talitha of Starry Knight Star
2nd Premie, Reserve Champion FHANA keuring, 2013