Friesian Alumni Stallions

Winand 405

Friesian Stallion
Sire: Pike 316
Dam: Ulkje H.
Dam Sire: Naen 264

Foaled: April 4, 1999
Color: Black
Registered by KFPS
Type: Dressage
Height: 16.1 H
Approved by: KFPS

1999 - 2007

Winand 405 was from Motherline 25 and had phenomenal conformation and cadence in the trot. He offered the US Mares bloodlines not previously available. His sire, Pike, was known for producing JET BLACK coats that don't fade in the sun, and typical Friesian characteristics.

He was an honest hardworking stallion with excellent basic gaits and an appealing exterior. His walk was full and powerful and his trot excellent thanks to a sound conformation, good hind leg use and nice balance. His trot was also full with a lot of impulsion and bend. He had a roomy gallop with plenty of elasticity and a good balance.

Dressage Z with 2 points scored. Test Scores: W 6.2, T 7.2, G 6.2. Riding 6.2, Driving 6.7, Pulling 6.2, Show Driving 6.4, Willingness 7.4. Total 72.1


Bloodlines Details

    • Pike 316 
      • Ygram 240 
        • Mark 232, Pref  
        • Corina, Model  
      • Corine, Ster, Pref  
        • Lammert 260 
        • Trudi, Ster + Preferent  
    Winand 405 
    • Ulkje H., star  
      • Naen 264, Pref  
        • Ferdinand 
        • Truus, Model, Pref  
      • Ilkje, star + prestatie  
        • Kasper 
        • Imtsje, model + preferent    

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Notable Offspring

Notable Offspring Details

Winsome ISF, Star
2nd Premie, Reserve Champion FHANA Keuring, 2013