Friesian Alumni Stallions

Hedser 465, Sport

Friesian Stallion
Sire: Adel 357, Sport
Dam: Hasjem, Prest.
Dam Sire: Ouke 313

Foaled: May 8, 2002
Color: Black
Registered by KFPS
Type: Breeding
Height: 16.2 H
Approved by: KFPS

2002 - 2017

Hedser 465, Sport was an imported 2002 KFPS stallion who was trained to Grand Prix by the age of eight. He is the third generation of his linage to compete in the Grand Prix- a rare and impressive feat. Hedser had a lovely disposition and an exceptional work ethic. His powerful hind leg made it easy for him to excel in the collected work, including piaffe and passage. 
At his stallion test, he particularly impressed the jury in the trot and canter. Hedser’s sire, Adel 357, Sport, is also a Grand Prix horse. Hedser is a ¾-brother to the Grand Prix stallion Anders 451. His pedigree is full of athletic ability.


Bloodlines Details

    • Adel 357, Sport  
      • Ludse 305 
        • Naen 264, Pref  
        • Anke S., Star, Pref  
      • Adeldame S., Star  
        • Tsjalling 235, Pref  
        • Geke, Star, Pref  
    Hedser 465, Sport  
    • Hasjem, Prest  
      • Ouke 313 
        • Hearke 254, Sport, Pref  
        • Erna, Star, Pref  
      • Ira, Star  
        • Tjimme 275 
        • Wytskje, Star, Pref    

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