• spring of 2017

    spring of 2017

  • spring of 2017

    spring of 2017

  • 5 months old

    5 months old

  • June 30, 2017 Waterloo Show

    June 30, 2017 Waterloo Show

KWPN Gelding

  • Sire: Riverman ISF,
  • Reg #Hunter/Jumper/Dressage

  • Foaled: April 30, 2011
  • Color: Bay, Height: 17 3 H
  • Location: Coldwater, MI
  • Registered by KWPN-NA
  • Type: Dressage, Jumping, Eventing, Hunter

Gideon was awarded First Premium at the 2011 Dutch Keuring. His aunt, Emelena, was awarded Dressage Reserve Grand Champion of North America in 2009 as a yearling.

Gideon began his show circuit in May.
Gideon attended the HJAM Welcome II Premier show held at the Waterloo Hunt Club in Grass Lake, MI from May 10-21. Beautiful, 6 year old, Gideon was started under saddle by Brandt Clark then commenced further training with Scott Alder. Gideon was started the right way with no gimmicks or short-cuts. Owner has financed a quality training program, so that Gideon would be prepared to find a great home with someone who cares for him as she does. Gideon is a quality horse who deserves the best.

He is a dark bay with underlying dapples, stands 17. 3, had has excellent bones. Gideon is extremely light, with fluid movement and elastic shoulders. His free-flowing walk and extended trot are rated 10. He has a beautiful, uphill build with excellent conformation. His canter is light and rhythmic with amazing lead changes.
Gideon is very willing and tries hard. With a natural penchant for jumping, Gideon is brave to the jumps, showing beautiful form and natural ability. His background is strong in both dressage and jumping.

Gideon is used to body clips, stands eager for grooming, including a love for being vacuumed. He has been shod and has worn training and bell boots. He is easy to blanket and easy to bathe. Gideon is excellent to load, unload, and travels well. He stands quietly for the farrier and the veterinarian.
Gideon has been handled daily since birth and was not rushed in his training. He was started slowly and correctly. He blossoms under a rider with confidence and he revels in generous praise.

In 2016, Gideon traveled to two schooling shows and was schooled and ridden around the grounds by trainer, Scott Alder. He was at the Waterloo Hunt Club for two weeks and at Hunter’s Run for four days.

In 2017 Gideon schooled at his first show at Waterloo in May. He returned for his first entry show and placed second in his second class in Baby Green 2' 6". He was very poised and performed like a true veteran. Gideon placed four more times during that show. Later in July, Gideon was shown at the Great Lakes Equestrian Festival in Traverse City, Michigan on July 19-20. He placed third and sixth in Baby Green. Gideon is now on break for a couple of months, then will begin dressage training to complete his profile. Training video: Waterloo video: Owner, Cindy Johnson may be contacted at 517 617 2708. Gideon will be starting Dressage training with Carrie Wilson this spring. This additional training will be reflected in his pricing.

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