Clicker Training with Shawna Karrasch

Learn how clicker training helped Judgement, and many other horses, overcome fears and move on to be successful competitors. … READ MORE 

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Saddle Fit for Friesians

Ask yourself...Does your horse have a "4-beat" canter? Does your horse have tense back muscles, which impair movement? … READ MORE 

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New USDF Dressage Finals

New USDF Dressage Finals will be held this November at the Kentucky Horse Park. … READ MORE 

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Frozen Semen Breeding May Be Right For Your Mare

Frozen semen was initially used for equine breeding about 15 years ago. It was met with skepticism because of the perception of damage being caused to the sperm by the freezing process. In fact, many stallions’ semen freezes without significant damage and conception rates are continually improving. … READ MORE 

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Submit Your ISF Sired Horse For Sale

If you have an ISF sired horse, or a mare in foal to an ISF stallion, you may post the horse for sale on the Iron Spring Farm website. We have thousands of visitors to the Iron Spring site every … READ MORE 

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Iron Spring Farm Breeder's Advantage

Why breeding to an ISF stallion is a smart choice.
Choosing a stallion for your mare is an important decision. Type, temperament, athletic ability, bloodlines, offspring success and cost are all … READ MORE 

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My Visit with Goffert 369 (Herbie)

This fall I was invited to visit Iron Spring Farm in Pennsylvania to meet Goffert 369, also known as Herbie, an 11-year old Friesian stallion who is a model for a new Breyer horse.
I've collected … READ MORE 

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2014 Foal Names and How to Register Your Foal

Congratulations on Your New Foal!
2014 KWPN-NA foal names begin with J
2014 FHANA  foal names begin with T, U or V
After approximately 340 days of waiting, the time has finally … READ MORE 

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Naming Your Foal

Naming Your Foal

Names are with us for a lifetime. They carry meaning that can define personality, ambitions and even dreams. When you’re naming your foal you have an opportunity to set … READ MORE 

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ISF Breeders Support Program

ISF Breeders Support Program

Over the years Iron Spring Farm stallions have produced literally hundreds of first premium foals, Star and Keur mares and geldings. To produce these results, we … READ MORE 

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