ISF Breeders Reward Programs for 2017

Iron Spring Farm acknowledges the loyal breeders that are producing exceptional horses through the Breeders Reward Bonus Program. … READ MORE 

Remembering Iron Spring Farm’s Consul

A great horse leaves a lasting legacy. Consul, you will be remembered. … READ MORE 

Tjalbert 460 Approved on Offspring

The KFPS has named Tjalbert 460 Approved on Offspring as a result of progeny test results for 2015. … READ MORE 

Yfke fan Fjildsicht Earns Model Predicate

Yfke fan Fjildsicht received the prestigious Model predicate at the 2015 FHANA inspection at Iron Spring Farm. … READ MORE 

Live CDI Video and Commentary by Axel Steiner

Watch the Festival of the Horse CDI-3*live with Axel Steiner’s commentary sponsored by Iron Spring Farm. … READ MORE 

ISF 2013 USEF #1 Breeder for Dressage Breeding

 ISF 2013 USEF #1 Breeder for Dressage Breeding
March 28, 2014 update:  We've added the cover and story from Today's Equestrian about the USEF award.  See link below.
In the … READ MORE 

Whooper and Jacob Arnold, Live Oak Driver Apprentice Program

Jacob Arnold is the first up-and-coming driver to benefit from Chester Weber's inaugural Live Oak Driver Apprentice Program, … READ MORE 

UB40 Offspring Shine at KWPN-NA Keurings

The KWPN-NA (Royal Dutch Warmblood Studbook of North America) keurings are underway and Iron Spring Farm’s UB40 shines, with six foals earning 1st Premium status and a mare receiving her Star predicate. … READ MORE 

Ayden Uhlir Awarded Fiona Baan “Pursuit of Excellence” Memorial Trophy

Lexington, KY (July 24, 2013) - The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) is pleased to announce that Region 6 Young Rider, Ayden Uhlir and Sjapoer, were awarded this year’s Fiona Baan “Pursuit of Excellence” Memorial Trophy.  … READ MORE 

ISF Historic Rankings in 2012 KWPN Breeding Values

Each year the KWPN (Royal Dutch Warmblood Studbook) collects and analyzes extensive performance and health data for each Approved stallion and their offspring, and produces a report—the KWPN … READ MORE