Horse Buyer's Guide

The ISF Advantage for Sales Clients

  • Rider-horse matching – to help determine the best possible ride for you
  • Outstanding customer service
  • All horses raised with a complete program of health care, prenatal through performance career
  • Well-rounded exposure from a very young age: daily handling, clipping, crosstie, blacksmith, trailering, veterinary care, bathing, etc.
  • Happy to work with your trainer
  • Range of age, suitability and price point
  • Expert and individualized training
  • Veterinary transparency
  • Survey films available on all of the horses
  • Contracts under U.S. law for your protection
  • No import fees, airfare or quarantines


Buying a horse is an important decision. Type, temperament, athletic ability, age, training and cost are all important considerations. We'll be happy to talk with you about your riding or breeding goals to help you find the right match.

Our knowledgeable sales staff is also happy to answer any questions you may have. Buying a horse is both a financial and emotional investment so it's important to know as much as possible about the horse and the people you're buying from.


One of the first questions people usually ask concerns price. There are many factors that contribute to the price of a horse including age, bloodlines, athletic ability, training and use. ISF horses are in training with experienced young horse trainers who also show extensively.  Our trainers attend clinics and are always improving their riding and training techniques.  Horses are developed according to their personality and abilities.  You should also consider the environment a horse is raised in. It can have a significant impact on it's future health and career.  Iron Spring Farm has nearly 40 years of professional horse and farm management experience.


All of our horses are raised and trained using protocol developed especially for athletes. Through nutrition and preventive health programs we try to give our horses everything they need to reach their full potential.

If you have any questions about our programs or horses they'll be answered openly and honestly. Our goal is to help you make the right choice, not just make a sale.


Because we want to be sure you make the right choice, we welcome your trainer's involvement. He or she knows your riding style and abilities better than anyone.


Once a selection is made, we can provide a list of independent area vets for the pre-purchase exam and assist in setting up the appointment. If available, a complete set of yearling x-rays are provided for review by the pre-purchase vet. When it's time for your new horse to join you, we'll also help you find a reputable transportation company. We want you to have everything you need to start out right with your new horse:

  • Health records
  • Nutrition program (first bag of current feed)
  • Training program
  • Turnout schedule
  • Bit/blanket/girth/bridle/saddle sizes.
  • Lifetime USEF Numbers & transfer of ownership form. ($200 value)
  • Lifetime USDF number & transfer of ownership form. ($85 Value)
  • Breed registration papers and transfer of ownership form
  • Leather halter with an ISF nameplate


Of course, if you have questions or need advice we're always just a phone call or email away. Iron Spring Farm has been in business for more than 30 years and we're here to stay. We have hundreds of repeat clients and the strongest sport horse record in the country. When you buy a horse from Iron Spring, you're not only getting our reputation and commitment, you're joining a community--one we hope you'll be a part of for many years to come.

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