Judgement ISF, Crown,


KWPN Stallion

  • Sire: Consul,
  • Dam: Faletta,
  • Dam Sire: Akteur,
  • Foaled: June 1, 1991
  • Color: Dark Bay
  • Height: 17 H
  • Reg #199112203
  • Approved by: KWPN, KWPN Erkend

Breeding Details

  • Breeding Fee: $2500
  • Semen Availability: Frozen
  • EVA Status: Negative
  • Breeding Season:
    March 5, 2018 - July 31, 2018


Judgement ISF showed North American breeders what’s possible by becoming the first domestically bred winner of the $1,000,000 CN International at Spruce Meadows. That was just one of his many international show jumping victories. He represented the USA on 10 Nation’s Cup teams, including the gold medal winning team at CSIO La Baule in 2008 and Hickstead in 2007. He also earned the National Champion title at Spruce Meadows on four occasions. When he retired sound at age 18 he had nearly $1.5 million in prize money.

While Judgement ISF Crown is recognized for his outstanding international jumping talent, he’s leaving his legacy through impressive offspring. Year after year, his sons and daughters are receiving 1st Premium, North American championships and other accolades from the KWPN, and then continuing on to significant athletic careers as jumpers, eventers, hunters and dressage horses.
What to Expect When You Breed to Judgement ISF

Judgement’s offspring are usually big framed, long-lined horses with substance. He will add size and length of neck. He passes on a very powerful hind end, a good walk and excellent canter that covers lots of ground. Judgement adds good attitude and rideability.  

Judgement ISF Performance Achievements
  • Awarded Crown Predicate by KWPN
  • First American born and bred KWPN Approved stallion
  • Winnings over $1,500,000
  • 1st Place, $1,000,000 CN International, 2005
  • 1st Place, $65,000 ESSO Challenge, 2009
  • 1st Place, $175,000 Nexen Cup Derby, 2008, 2007
  • 1st Place, CN Performance Grand Prix, Spruce Meadows, 2008, 2007
  • 1st Place, $100,000 Encana Cup, Spruce Meadows, 2008
  • 1st Place, Samsung Super League Hickstead Nations Cup, 2007
  • 1st Place, $50,000 Animal Planet Cup, 2008, 2006
  • 1st Place, $175,000 Shell Cup Derby, 2006
  • 1st Place, CSIO La Baule Nations Cup, 2005
  • 1st Place, CSIO St. Gallen 1.5m, 2005
  • 1st Place, Lafarge Cup, Spruce Meadows, 2005
  • 1st Place, Dublin Six Bar, 2005
  • 1st Place, $150,000 Grand Prix, Charlotte Jumper Classic, 2004
  • 1st Place, ATB Financial Cup, 2006, 2004
  • 1st Place, Grand Prix Qualifier, Valkenswaard, 2004
  • 1st Place, $100,000 WCHR Spectacular, Cosequin Wellington Finale, 2003
  • 1st Place, $75,000 Idle Dice Classic, 2003
  • 1st Place, $60,000 Budweiser Prix de Penn National, 2002
  • The Chronicle of the Horse Show Jumper of the Year, 2005
  • National Champion Title, Spruce Meadows, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2001 
Stallion Test Scores
IBOP W 8, T 6, C 6, PM 8, CT 8, Jumping 9.5, Total 83B


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