Meinse 439,


Friesian Stallion

  • Sire: Heinse 354, Sport, Pref.,
  • Dam: Femke fan Nes S,
  • Dam Sire: Dirk 298, Sport,
  • Foaled: April 3, 2004
  • Color: Black
  • Height: 16.1 H
  • Reg #200401387
  • Approved by: KFPS

Breeding Details

  • Breeding Fee: $1500
  • Semen Availability: Cooled, Frozen
  • EVA Status: Negative
  • Breeding Season:
    March 5, 2018 - July 31, 2018


Approved on Offspring

Meinse is an exciting 1st Premium stallion with a winning dressage and sire record. He is Approved on Offspring and has one Approved son, Erryt 488. As a dressage horse, Meinse competed successfully against all breeds and won two GAIG/USDF Regional Championships. Meinse’s bloodlines are impeccable. His sire is the legendary dressage stallion Heinse 354 Sport/Preferent. Meinse's dam, Femke van Nes S, is a 1st Premium Star mare from an important stam line. 

Career in Sport

Meinse 439 had incredible success in the dressage ring. He earned more than 20 blue ribbons, multiple championships and high point awards, plus two Great American/USDF Regional Championships. His agreeable disposition, willingness to work and exceptional dressage talent translated into many victorious rides.

Winning Offspring

Meinse’s quality sons and daughters earned him the official Approved on Offspring designation. They inherit Meinse’s athletic ability, exceptional temperament and superb work ethic. Many have gone on to great success with professionals and amateurs alike, including keuring championships, high score awards in dressage and ribbons in hand and in harness.

Meinse’s son, the Approved stallion Erryt 488, has competed successfully through the Z level in Europe. Meinse has sired other stallions selected for the Royal KFPS Stallion Show, as well as multiple winners in the Netherlands. Daughter Elke, won first place in the Three-Year-Old Mare class at the Central Keuring in 2012, and Freya van de Oostwal placed second in the Euro Friesian Cup that same year.

Meinse’s North American offspring include Helena Pv, Star, a 1st Premie mare who won multiple championships at FHANA Keurings, along with a Reserve Championship in the IBOP Driving competition.

Performance Achievements

• Dover Medal winner and 2nd Level Champion, 2011
• 9 wins at 2nd Level with scores as high as 73.72%, 2010
• GAIG/USDF Region 1 2nd Level Adult Amateur Champion, 67.738%, 2010
• USDF All Breeds (FHANA) 2nd Level Adult Amateur Champion, 2010
• USDF Horse of the Year, 2nd Level Adult Amateur, 2nd place, 70.17%, 2010
• USDF Horse of the Year, 2nd Level, 8th place, 70.17%, 2010
• 12 wins from Training to 2nd Level, 2009
• Winning at 1st level with scores as high as 79%, 2009
• Numerous high point awards, 2009
• GAIG/USDF Region 1 1st Level Adult Amateur Reserve Champion, 71.32%, 2009
• GAIG/USDF Region 1 Training Level Adult Amateur Champion, 72%, 2009
• 1st Place October Pavo KFPS/KNHS Stallion Competition, L level, 69.09%
• 1st Place November Pavo KFPS/KNHS Stallion Competition, L level, 70.45%

Stallion Test Scores

Throughout his stallion test Meinse received good marks, and is considered a versatile stallion. He has great qualities for both under saddle and harness work. Built uphill, with a beautiful shoulder and neck, Meinse is a nice rectangular model. With three quality gaits and fluid movement, Meinse excels as a modern Friesian type.

Scores Under Saddle 

Walk 7.0
Trot 7.0 
Canter 7.5
Self carriage & Acceptance of the bit 7.0
Flexibility 7.0
Transitions 7.0
Test under saddle 7.0
Total – 78.00 

Scores in Harness 

Walk 7.0
Trot  7.0 

Self carriage & Acceptance of the bit 7.5 

Transitions 7.0
Driving test 7.0 

Show driving test  7.0
Total – 78.0

Inbreeding Coefficient 3.52%

Kinship 17.4%

Allowed White 0%

Non allowed white 0%

Meinse 439, Offspring for Sale

Client Owned


  • $12,000
  • Friesian Stallion
  • Sire: Meinse 439,
  • Foaled: 2017
  • Type: Breed Shows, Keurings

Meinse 439, Breeding Details

EVA Status: Negative

Collecting Monday through Friday

Does not carry the gene for Dwarfism or Hydrocephalus

Kinship of 17.4%
Meinse NI Results 
Meinse 439 Data Sheet