Teade 392, Sport,


Friesian Stallion

  • Sire: Anton 343, Sport, Pref.,
  • Dam: Irma van 't Zuid,
  • Dam Sire: Pike 316,
  • Foaled: May 14, 1998
  • Color: Black
  • Height: 16.1 H
  • Reg #199818761
  • Approved by: KFPS

Breeding Details

  • Breeding Fee: $1500
  • Semen Availability: Cooled, Frozen
  • EVA Status: Negative
  • Breeding Season:
    March 5, 2018 - July 31, 2018


Approved on Offspring

Teade 392 is a  superstar and embodies everything that horses, especially stallions, are about. He successfully showed through Fourth Level with scores above 66% and makes fans wherever he goes. Teade’s beauty and quality of movement always catch the judges and spectators’ attention.

This charisma helps make Teade a remarkable individual and highly sought after sire. He is Approved on offspring and is the sire of numerous first premiums and keuring champions. He is also the sire of an Approved stallion, Sipke 450, who was exported to the Netherlands.

What to Expect if You Breed to Teade 392
Teade's offspring inherit his jet black color, beautiful coat, good conformation and have abundant, thick, long hair. Teade throws beautiful heads and powerful gaits, especially the trot.

Teade 392 Performance Achievements

  • Awarded Sport Predicate for Dressage
  • CBLM Championships, 4th place, 4th Level, 2007
  • GAIG/USDF Region I Reserve Champion 2nd level Adult Amateur, 2006
  • Numerous wins, scores above 70% 1st and 2nd Level, 2006
  • USDF Performance Merit Award Training-Third Levels
  • 8 First Place Wins at Training and 1st Level, 2003

    Stallion Test Results
    Walk 7.0, Trot 7.3, Canter 6.4, Riding 6.6, Driving 7.5, Pulling 7.0, Show 7.6, Training 7.3, Total 77.4 

    Inbreeding coefficient--2.93%

    Allowable white-- 4.3%

    Non-allowable white-- 0.5%

Teade 392, Sport, Offspring for Sale

There are no offspring for sale at this time.

Teade 392, Sport, Breeding Details

EVA Status: Negative

Collecting Monday through Friday

Does not carry the gene for Dwarfism or Hydrocephalus

Kinship is 16.4%
Blood Test Results for NI
Teade 392 Data Sheet