Tjalbert 460

16.2 H | 2006 Friesian
Sire: Beart 411, Sport, Pref.
Dam: Grevinne fan Lutke Peinjum
Dam Sire: Ulke 338, Sport
Breeder: F. Bloemhof & J. Bloemhof
Approval: KFPS
Breeding Fee: $1500 Cooled, Frozen
Negative for Dwarfism and Hydrocephalus


Approved on Offspring

Tjalbert 460 is the complete package—great conformation, outstanding movement and a sweet personality. He earned good scores and dressage championships in the Netherlands while demonstrating an incredible work ethic and love for his job. Tjalbert is the sire of numerous 1st Premie and keuring champions. He also has a high percentage of Star mares.

Career in Sport

Tjalbert successfully competed in dressage in the Netherlands before being imported to the U.S.A. Among his wins was the championship at the Friesian Indoor Dressage Championship. Tjalbert is a joy to ride and has three wonderful gaits.

Winning Offspring

Tjalbert is Approved on offspring. Four Tjalbert sons have been selected for the KFPS Stallion Show, an enormous honor. He’s also the sire of a high percentage of Star mares (39%), four Crown mares and two offspring with the Sport Predicate. His sons and daughters have won numerous keuring championships in both Europe and the United States. These youngsters are showing aptitude for dressage, as well as harness.

Tjalbert 460 Performance Achievements

• 1st place, M2 Dressage Champion KFPS-Variso, 64.83%, 2012
• Champion, Friesian Indoor Dressage Championship, 65.85%, 2011


Bloodlines Details

Tjalbert is by the popular sire Beart 411, Sport. Beart was the winner of the 2006 World Championship class at the Stallion show in Leeuwarden. He is by Jasper, out of an incredible mare line with seven consecutive Preferent mares. Beart’s line is recognized for jet black coats and exceptional movement.
Tjalbert is out of the Star/Preferent/Prestate mare Grevinne fan Lutke Peinjum from Stam 50. This highly sought after mare line has produced 29 Approved stallions.
Tjalbert is free from Wessel blood, making him extremely valuable as a sire. 


    • Beart 411, Sport, Pref  
      • Jasper 366, Sport, Pref  
        • Olof 315, Sport  
        • Antje ut de Mieden, Star, Prest  
      • Setske F., Star, Pref, Prest    
        • Feitse 293, Pref  
        • Kingke, Model, Pref  
    Tjalbert 460 
    • Grevinne fan Lutke Peinjum, Star/Pref/Pres    
      • Ulke 338, Sport  
        • Tjimme 275 
        • Fabiolaa, Star, Pref, Prest.    
      • Ealfrou fan Lutke Peinjum, Star, Pref    
        • Melle 311, Sport    
        • Setske F., Star, Pref, Prest    

Test Results

Stallion Test Scores

Under Saddle

Walk 6.5, Trot 7.0, Canter 7.0, CLM 7.0, Transitions 7.0, Suitability 7.0, Total 76.0


Walk 6.5, Trot 7.5, CLM 7.5,Transitions 7.5, Willingness to Work 7.0, Suitability 7.0, Total 78.5
Show Driving 
Posture 7.0, Front Legs 7.0, Hind Legs 7.0, Moment of Suspension 7.0, Willingness to Work 7.5, Suitability 7.0, Total 78.0


Breeding Fee: $1500
Semen Availability: Cooled, Frozen
EVA Status: Negative
Breeding Season: March 11, 2019 - August 2, 2019

Collecting Monday through Friday
Breeding Shed CLOSED July 4th
Negative for Dwarfism and Hydrocephalus
Allowable white 0.40% (1)
Non-allowable white 0%
Kinship 18.5%

What to Expect if You Breed to Tjalbert

Overall, Tjalbert really improves conformation, including feet and legs. He also improves the walk and trot, adding power, good reach and elasticity. Like their sire, Tjalbert’s offspring have wonderful, kind temperaments, with great work ethic and trainability.

Offspring Characteristics

• Pretty heads
• Light head/neck connection
• Improves head/neck connection
• Long necks, adds some length
• Necks are vertical
• Sloping shoulder
• Adds a lot of length to the croup
• Horizontal croup
• Slightly shortens the back
• Good loin connection
• Uphill build
• Length to the front leg
• Good front leg conformation
• Feet a little larger than average
• Very dry/tight legs (not spongy)
• Really jet black color
• Adds a lot height
• Very powerful walk with long reach
• Trot has very good reach in stride and power, with good elasticity
• Very balanced and supple in movement
• Great temperaments and work ethic
• Kind with excellent trainability

Ideal Pairing

Tjalbert’s excellent linear scores make him a good choice for a variety of mares. He will improve the walk and trot, and add height. He is suitable for producing horses for dressage and driving, as well as nice all-around sport horses.

Not Recommended for Mares With:
• Front legs that are under
• Toed-in front legs

Breeding Record

1st premie foals – 23
2nd premie foals – 59
Studbook mares - 31
Star mares – 15
Star mare percentage – 39%
Crown mares – 4
Star stallions & geldings – 10
Sport – 3

Notable Offspring

Notable Offspring Details

Grand Amour ISF
1st Premium, Champion Colt, FHANA Keuring, 2018

Hinke Kula
1st Premium, Filly Champion, FHANA Keuring, 2018

Helena O.
2nd Premium, Champion Filly, FHANA Keuring, 2018

Helena Z
1st Premium, Champion Filly, FHANA Keuring, 2018

Yonder D., Ster
Champion Gelding, FHANA Keuring, 2018

Zabrina ISF, Ster
2nd Premium, FHANA Keuring, 2018

Zane fan Signature Friesians
1st place, Opportunity Halter Stallions, Buckeye Baroque Summer Jubilee, 2018
2nd place, Friesian ATH Stallion Reg 5 Ch, Buckeye Baroque Summer Jubilee, 2018
2nd place, Reg 5 Champ Friesian Liberty Stallion 3+, Buckeye Baroque Summer Jubilee, 2018

Redbad fan Egypte
Selected for KFPS Stallion Show, 2015

Patser v.d.Terpen
Selected for KFPS Stallion Show, 2015

Wikolia K.O.
1st Premie, Champion Filly, FHANA Keuring, 2015

Yardley SHF
1st Premie, Champion Filly, FHANA Keuring, 2015

Wrenegade fan Leandra
1st Premie, Champion Colt, FHANA Keuring, 2015

Zef de Marcias Corra
1st Premie, Res. Champion Colt, FHANA Keuring, 2015

Klasse van de Terpen
Selected for KFPS Stallion Show, 2014

Selected for KFPS Stallion Show, 2014

Melle fan Klaeiterp
Foal Champion, KFPS Keuring, 2012

Champion Colt and Champion Filly, KFPS Keuring Grobefehn Germany, 2011

Martinus v.d. Terpen
1st Premie Colt, 2012

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Tjalbert 460 Offspring News

Tjalbert 460 Offspring News Details

Grand Amour ISF by Tjalbert 460

2018 FHANA Inspection National Results

November 7, 2018 Grand Amour ISF, 1st Premium, Champion - Colt by Tjalbert 460 out of With Love ISF, Ster x Teade 392, Sport...
2018 FHANA Inspection National Results

Tjalbert 460 Approved on Offspring

January 22, 2016 by Christine de Hererra
The KFPS has named Tjalbert 460 Approved on Offspring as a result of progeny test results for 2015.
Tjalbert 460 Approved on Offspring

Welcome Tjalbert 460

July 19, 2012 Tjalbert 460 is a modern stallion with a sweet personality. He loves people and is brave yet very calm. He has a good work ethic and likes to be ridden.
Welcome Tjalbert 460

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