UB40, Keur

16.2 H | 2001 KWPN
Sire: Olivi, Keur
Dam: Kilucienne, Prestatie, Pref., Sport, Keur
Dam Sire: Michelangelo, Elite
Approval: KWPN
Breeding Fee: $1500 Cooled


2001 - 2018

UB40 was a successful FEI horse and one of the most sought after stallions. He is the sire of the Approved stallions El Capone and Apache in the Netherlands, and dozens of 1st Premium offspring in North America. His son El Paso ISF is a Dressage at Devon champion and KWPN-NA  keuring champion.  

UB40 was ranked #6 USEF Dressage Sire in 2016.  His offspring won six USDF National Championships and five Res. Championships in 2016.

As a dressage horse, UB40 moved consistently up the levels from the young horse classes to the FEI ring with many high score awards in good company. His exceptional elasticity and movement make him a truly modern performance horse.

UB40 has sired 25 Star mares, 2 Keur mares and 8 Elite mares, along with more than 40 1st Premium foals in North America. In 2010, he won the prestigious Get of Sire class at Dressage at Devon.


UB40's Performance Achievements

  • Winning Prix St. Georges, FEI High Score awards, 2010
  • 10 wins at 4th level, scores above 73%, 2009-2010
  • 15 wins in the young horse classes and 3rd level, 2007-2009
  • #1 KWPN-NA FEI 6-Year-Olds, USDF All Breeds Awards, 2007
  • Winner of the DG Bar Cup / ISF keuring, score 81.5%, 2006
  • 3rd in KWPN Championship Keuring for Dressage Horses, the Netherlands, 2003
  • 2nd in Dressage at KWPN Performance Test, 2002
    Stallion Test Scores

    2nd place dressage ranking in his class
    W 8, T 8.5, C 8, dressage total 8.5


Bloodlines Details

UB40’s sire, Olivi, was the Reserve Champion of his Championship Keuring for dressage horses at the KWPN stallion show in 1998.

Olivi is by the influential sire Jazz, the 2006 KWPN Horse of the Year. Among Jazz’s famous Grand Prix offspring is the star Parzival. Jazz is by the great Olympic Cocktail, a dressage stallion with exceptional talent, who was competed by Anky van Grunsven at Grand Prix level. Olivi’s dam is Halla Utopia by Aktion. The popular white stallion Aktion is known for his rideability and achieved a lot of success with the Hungarian rider Gyuala Dallos.

UB40s dam is Kilucienne by Michelangelo (elite). She competed through Third Level and earned her Sport predicate in dressage, as well as Keur, Preferent and Prestatie predicates. In addition to UB40, she is also the dam of another Approved KWPN stallion, Davino VOD. Kilucienne is from a strong dam line—mare line 69 and breeding family 12. Her dam and granddam, Tiluciene and Niluciene, earned Keur, Preferent and Prestatie predicates.  


    • Olivi, Keur   KWPN 
      • Jazz, Keur, Pref   KWPN 
        • Cocktail, Pref.   KWPN 
        • Charmante, Keur   KWPN 
      • Halla-Utopia, Elite Pref Sport   KWPN 
        • Aktion, Keur   KWPN 
        • Charisma-Utopia, Keur Sport   KWPN 
    • Kilucienne, Pres, Pref, Sport, Keur   KWPN 
      • Michelangelo, Elite   TRAK 
        • Pasteur  TB 
        • Miami  TRAK 
      • Tiluciene, Keur, Pref, Prest   KWPN 
        • Farn, Keur, Pref   HOL 
        • Nilucienne, Keur, Pref, Prest   KWPN  

Test Results

W 8, T 8.5, C 8, Dress. 8.5, 2nd place dressage ranking in his class.


Breeding Fee: $1500
Semen Availability: Cooled
EVA Status: Negative
Breeding Season: March 5, 2018 - July 31, 2018

Collecting Monday through Friday

UB40 Data Sheet
UB40 Blood Test for NI

Stallion Characteristics
UB40 is a modern, long-lined, dressage stallion with an abundance of charisma. He has a beautiful head with a large, expressive eye. His neck is long, has good position and is well muscled. The croup slopes nicely. UB40 shows tremendous power in his movement, as well as expressive use of the front leg. He is a proud, confident horse. UB40 is hot and puts that energy into his work.

He has a pure walk with plenty of reach. He shows very good self-carriage and his trot is powerful, expressive and balanced. His canter is beautiful and very uphill with reach and balance. Both collection and extension are very easy for UB40. He’s fun to ride and work is easy for this very intelligent, inquisitive and friendly stallion. He is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to produce dressage prospects and improve movement.

What to Expect When You Breed to UB40

UB40 has a lot of character, talent and brilliance. He is an excellent choice for old-fashioned types or heavy mares. He is also very good for quiet mares that need some “blood,” or Thoroughbred mares with good temperaments.

UB40 consistently improves the trot and canter. While his walk is good, it’s the gait where he tends to show his emotions if he’s nervous. This is minimized if he’s bred to a mare that has a big, relaxed walk. UB40 is built very uphill and so are his foals, so he can help a mare who is croup high or with a lower neck set. He also adds suppleness and elasticity, so he is an improver for mares with flat or stiff movement. He also adds height. UB40 throws chestnut, bay and black, but not a lot of white. Breeders report that his offspring are very friendly and easy to work with.

Offspring Characteristics

  • Rectangular
  • Vertical neck set
  • Good muscling in the neck and topline
  • Withers are good, with good height
  • Long, sloping shoulder
  • Strong back and loins
  • Croup is sloping and long
  • Good hind leg conformation, but occasional sickle hock
  • Slightly sloped pasterns
  • Wide feet
  • Fine boned
  • Trot and canter very elastic, and powerful with tremendous carrying power
  • UB40 is not Recommended for Mares With
  • Short neck
  • Heavy head/neck connection (slightly shorter at the poll and thicker in the throatlatch)
  • Back at the knee
  • Low heels
  • Average or poor walk
  • Toes out in walk

Breeding Record

4 KWPN-NA Top Five, including 1 champion, 2012
8 1st Premium foals, 2012
3 1st Premium foals, 2011
4 KWPN-NA Top Five, including 1 champion, 2011
Winner Get of Sire, Dressage at Devon, 2010
5 KWPN-NA Top Five and 3 Star offspring, 2010
5 KWPN-NA Top Five and 13 1st Premium Foals, 2009 



Notable Offspring

Notable Offspring Details


4 Grand Prix wins with scores to 78.73%, 2015
1st Place, 73.973%, Prix St. Georges, CDI Drachten, 2013
4th Place, 73.850%, Intermediaire I Freestyle, CDI Drachten, 2013
1st Place, KWPN Stallion Competition, Z Division, winning Prix St. George, 2012
Reserve Champion of Stallion Show, 2008
El Capone
1st place overall, KWPN Stallion Competition, 5-Year-Old division, 2015
1st place, 88 points, 2nd leg KWPN Stallion Competition, 5-Year-Old division, 2014
1st place, 91.5 points, 1st leg KWPN Stallion Competition, 5-Year-Old division, 2014
1st Place, 88%, 3rd leg of the KWPN Stallion Competition, 4-Year-Old division, 2013
1st Place, 92%, 1st leg of the KWPN Stallion Competition, 4-Year-Old division, 2013
1st Place, 94.5%, 2nd leg of the KWPN Stallion Competition, 4-Year-Old division, 2013


Reserve Champion, KWPN Mare Championship, 2009

Centerline HF, Star
1st Place, DG Bar Cup for 4-Year-Old Dressage Horses, KWPN-NA Keuring, 2011
USDF Horse of the Year, DSHB Weanling Colts/Geldings, 2007

Del Mar
National Champion, USDF Horse of the Year, 3-Year-Old Colts and Geldings, 2011
Grand Champion, GAIG/USDF Breeder’s Championship Mid-States Finals, 2008

Dorado ISF
Colt & Gelding Reserve Champion, GAIG/USDF Breeder’s Championship East Coast Finals, 2008
Reserve Champion Foal, Dressage at Devon, 2008

El Paso, Star
1st Place, 2 wins at First Level, 2014
1st Place DG Bar Cup for 3 Year-Olds, IBOP Dressage, and Dressage Stallions, KWPN-NA Keuring, 2012
KWPN-NA Top 5, North American Champion, Geldings/Stallions Dressage, 2012
KWPN-NA Top 5, North American Champion 2 Year-Olds Dressage, 2011
1st Place Colts and Geldings, Dressage at Devon, 2011
Reserve Champion Colt and Gelding, Dressage at Devon, 2011
Young Horse Champion, Colt/Gelding Champion, Dressage at Devon, 2010

Filly Champion, 1st Place 3-Year-Old Fillies, multiple championships, Dressage at the Palace III, 2012

Fairvoya S
1st Place 2-Year-Old Fillies, Dressage at Lexington, 2012
Fait Accompli MMW
1st Place 2-Year-Old Colts & Geldings, Reserve Champion USDF Colt/Gelding

Fleetwood ISF
Reserve North American Champion, Dressage Stallion/Gelding, KWPN-NA, 2013
Dressage Foal Champion, KWPN-NA keuring, 2010

Forty Creek
GAIG Region 4 Champion Filly, Champion 2-Year-Old Filly, Reserve Champion Young Horse.
Multiple wins, 2012

Gemstone HF
1st Place Yearling fillies - Raleigh Summer Dressage, 2012

Godot SSF
North American Champion Dressage Stallion/Gelding, KWPN-NA Top Five Awards, 2014

#3 DG Bar Cup for 3-Year-Old Dressage Horses, KWPN-NA Top Five Awards, 2014

Guinevere CPF
2nd Place, 74.1%, USDF All Breeds Awards, KWPN-NA, 2-Year-Old Fillies
Filly Champion Autumn Hill Dressage & Rocky Mountain Dressage, 2012

1st Place, 73.3%, USDF All Breeds Awards, KWPN-NA, Yearling Colts/Geldings 2013

Izara ISF
#1 Dressage Foal, KWPN-NA, 2013
1st Place, Fillies of 2013; Reserve Champion Foal; GAIG/USDF East Coast Breeders Finals Foal Champion, Dressage at Devon, 2013
1st Premium, KWPN-NA, 2013

Isadora ISF
Champion Foal; GAIG/USDF East Coast Breeders Finals Reserve Foal Champion, Dressage at Devon, 2013
1st Premium, KWPN-NA, 2013

Heavenly ISF
1st Place, Yearling Fillies, Dressage at Devon, 2013


Aisha R
Sport/Elite, 3rd Level dressage

Beijng - 1st Place, 4 wins at Prix St. Georges and Intermediaire I with scores to 76.375%, 2015

Bella Donna
Sport/Elite – 3rd Level

1st Place, 7 wins at Training and First Level, 2011

1st place, 74.483%, 1st Level A/A, USDF All Breeds Awards, KWPN-NA, 2014
1st place, 74.483%, 1st Level Vintage Cup, USDF All Breeds Awards, KWPN-NA, 2014
2nd place, 74.483%, 1st Level Open, USDF All Breeds Awards, KWPN-NA, 2014
1st Place, 71.786%, USDF All Breeds Awards, 2013
KWPN-NA, Training Level Vintage Cup 2013
1st Place, 7 wins, 2013

Caterina CC
6 wins Training Level 2012

Clapton JP
Rider: Holger Bechtloff / Owner: Peggy Mills
8th place, 64.84%, CDIW FEI Grand Prix Special, AGDF 3, 2017
1st Place, 5 wins at Grand Prix, 2016
1st place, Prix St. Georges, Global Dressage Festival 10, 2015
3 wins, Developing Horse and PSG, scores to 72.895%, 2014
1st Place, 8.0, USDF All Breeds Awards, KWPN-NA, FEI 5-Year-Old 2013
5 wins FEI 5-Year-Old classes, 2017

1st Place,Training Level, 72.143%, 2013
1st Place, Training Level, 78.036%, 2012

Elzarma TF
Owner/Breeder: Kerrin Dunn, Rider: Rebekah Mingari
FEI YR - 1st Place Region 2, GAIG/USDF FEI YR Championship, 2016

Enya W.S.
Owner: Nichole Charbonneau / Rider: Molly Akers
1st place, Third level 3, 64.59%, Bridge City Spring Classic, OR, 2017
1st place, 76.667%, 1st Level Freestyle, USDF All Breeds Awards, KWPN-NA, 2014

Eye Candy
National Champion Training Level A/A, 75.8%, US Dressage Finals, 2014
Reserve National Champion 1st Level Freestyle A/A, 72.967%, US Dressage Finals, 2014
1st place, 73.997%, Training Level A/A, USDF All Breeds Awards, KWPN-NA, 2014
2nd place, 74.167%, 1st Level Freestyle, USDF All Breeds Awards, KWPN-NA, 2014
13 wins at Training and 1st Level with scores to 82.70%, 2014

Owner/Rider: Sharon Criswell
1st place, Fourth level 1, 62.83%, CDS San Diego Midwinter Show, CA, 2017
1st place, 72.659%, Training Level JR/YR, USDF All Breeds Awards, KWPN-NA, 2014

Owner: Dove Creek Farm / Rider: Jessica Wisdom
1st place, Third level 3, 73.46%, Bridge City Spring Classic, OR, 2017

Owner: Lorna Donahue / Rider: Kelly Prather1st place, First level 1, 74.44%, Twice as Nice Dressage II, FL, 2017

Go Go Dancer - MGE
Owner: Michelle Goss / Rider: Mike Goss
1st place, First level 3, 68.91%, Tucson Dressage Club March Madness II, AZ, 2017
1st place, First level 3, 70%, Tucson March Madness Dressage Show, AZ, 2017

Godot SSF
Rider: Eiren Crawford / Owner: Carroll Tolman
1st place, 76.40%, FEI Test for 6-Year-Olds, AGDF 1, 2017
1st place, 78.60%, FEI Test for 6-Year-Olds, AGDF 5, 2017
1st place, 75.40%, FEI Test for 6-Year-Olds, AGDF 5, 2017

Owner: Samantha Werner / Rider: Lisa Hyslop El-Ramey
1st place, First level 3, 68.08%, Palm Beach Dressage Derby, FL, 2017

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UB40 Offspring News

UB40 Offspring News Details

USEF Dressage Sires News

December 21, 2018 by Christine DeHerrera
Iron Spring Farm Stallions Ranked 1, 2, 3 Among 800 USEF Dressage Sires.
USEF Dressage Sires News
UB40, Keur

UB40 Will Be Missed

March 12, 2018 We are saddened to announce the passing of our stallion, UB40, on Saturday, March 10th, 2018.
UB40 Will Be Missed
UB40, Keur

UB40 Awarded Keur Predicate

February 5, 2018 UB40 was awared the Keur predicate at the 2018 KWPN stallion show in 's Hertogenbosche, The Netherlands, Febrary 2, 2018.
UB40 Awarded Keur Predicate
Casey Blum and Eschaton by Sir Sinclair, Keur

2017 US Dressage Finals

November 15, 2017 Congratulations to all the competitors at the 2017 Dressage Finals.
2017 US Dressage Finals

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