Ulbert 390, Sport,


Friesian Stallion

  • Sire: Sierk 326,
  • Dam: Famke D.,
  • Dam Sire: Leffert 306, Sport, Pref.,
  • Foaled: April 5, 1998
  • Color: Black
  • Height: 16.1 H
  • Reg #199809241
  • Approved by: KFPS

Breeding Details

  • Breeding Fee: $1500
  • Semen Availability: Frozen
  • EVA Status: Negative


Approved on Offspring

Ulbert is the sire of exceptional offspring, including an Approved stallion, numerous Crown and Model mares, and dressage and harness champions. Ulbert was a successful FEI competitor for many years, winning classes at Prix St. Georges against sport horses of all breeds. He is a wonderful representative of the Friesian breed, with a willing, intelligent disposition and three powerful gaits.

Career in Sport

Ulbert’s career had a spectacular start when, as a three-year-old, he was one of the top-ranked horses at his stallion inspection. He quickly began to win dressage classes in the Netherlands before being imported to the U.S.A., where he continued to ascend the levels. He claimed the Third Level Reserve Championship at the CBLM Championships in 2007. From 2008-2014, Ulbert won numerous Prix St. Georges classes and high score awards.

Winning Offspring

Ulbert is Approved on offspring. He is recognized as a sire of talented Friesians, including the Approved stallion Maurits 437, Sport, as well as Crown and Model mares. Ulbert is the sire of 120 Star mares, which is a staggering 47%. His offspring develop into successful dressage horses, including Jonas ISF, who won through Third Level. Daughter Evita ISF, Crown, was the Dream Gait IBOP Driving National Champion. Evita also won numerous championships at the FHANA keurings and top placings at Dressage at Devon. The Ulbert daughter Ymkjek, Crown, finished third in the country in the Iron Spring Farm Riding IBOP. Ymkjek also has brought home numerous championships from the FHANA Keurings.

 Ulbert 390 Performance Achievements

•  Numerous wins at Prix St. Georges, Scores to 65%, 2008-2014
•  Reserve FEI High Point, Twice as Nice II Dressage at Canterbury, 2009
•   High Score FEI, PVDA Show, 2008
•  CBLM Championship Third Level Reserve Champion, 2007

Stallion Testing Scores

Walk:7.0 Trot:7.7 Gallop:6.8 Riding:7.3 Driving:8.0 Pulling:6.7 Show driving:7.3 Willingness:7.4 Total:79.7

Kinship 17.8%
Allowable white 1.2%
Non allowed white 2.8% 
Is a carrier for hydrocephalus

Ulbert 390, Sport, Offspring for Sale

Client Owned

Gatse R.V., Sport,

Ulbert 390, Sport, Breeding Details

EVA Status: Negative

Positive carrier for Hydrocephalus. Negative for Dwarfism.

Blood Test Results for NI
Kinship is 17.8%
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