Ulbert 390, Sport

16.1 H | 1998 Friesian
Sire: Sierk 326
Dam: Famke D.
Dam Sire: Leffert 306, Sport, Pref.
Breeder: M. Doller
Approval: KFPS
Breeding Fee: $1500 Frozen
Positive carrier for Hydrocephalus. Negative for Dwarfism.


Approved on Offspring

Ulbert is the sire of exceptional offspring, including an Approved stallion, numerous Crown and Model mares, and dressage and harness champions. Ulbert was a successful FEI competitor for many years, winning classes at Prix St. Georges against sport horses of all breeds. He is a wonderful representative of the Friesian breed, with a willing, intelligent disposition and three powerful gaits.

Career in Sport

Ulbert’s career had a spectacular start when, as a three-year-old, he was one of the top-ranked horses at his stallion inspection. He quickly began to win dressage classes in the Netherlands before being imported to the U.S.A., where he continued to ascend the levels. He claimed the Third Level Reserve Championship at the CBLM Championships in 2007. From 2008-2014, Ulbert won numerous Prix St. Georges classes and high score awards.

Winning Offspring

Ulbert is Approved on offspring. He is recognized as a sire of talented Friesians, including the Approved stallion Maurits 437, Sport, as well as Crown and Model mares. Ulbert is the sire of 120 Star mares, which is a staggering 47%. His offspring develop into successful dressage horses, including Jonas ISF, who won through Third Level. Daughter Evita ISF, Crown, was the Dream Gait IBOP Driving National Champion. Evita also won numerous championships at the FHANA keurings and top placings at Dressage at Devon. The Ulbert daughter Ymkje K, Crown, finished third in the country in the Iron Spring Farm Riding IBOP. Ymkje K also has brought home numerous championships from the FHANA Keurings.

 Ulbert 390 Performance Achievements

•  Numerous wins at Prix St. Georges, Scores to 65%, 2008-2014
•  Reserve FEI High Point, Twice as Nice II Dressage at Canterbury, 2009
•   High Score FEI, PVDA Show, 2008
•  CBLM Championship Third Level Reserve Champion, 2007


Bloodlines Details

Ulbert’s sire, Sierk 326, is the father of four Approved stallions: Sibald 380, Martin 377, Jense 432 and, of course, Ulbert. Three of the four are from the Leffert line.

Leffert 306, Ulbert’s damsire, produced five Approved Stallions, including Heinse 354. Leffert was two-time Grand Champion at the KFPS Stallion Show, and performed at Z level dressage with Champion and Reserve Champion titles.
Ulbert's dam is from the important Stam Line 128, which has produced nine Approved stallions.

    • Sierk 326 
      • Ygram 240 
        • Mark 232, Pref  
        • Corina, Model  
      • Berbertsje, Star, Pref  
        • Tsjalling 235, Pref  
        • Knilleske, Model, Pref  
    Ulbert 390, Sport  
    • Famke D., Star, Pref  
      • Leffert 306, Sport, Pref  
        • Tamme 276 
        • Bontsje, Star, Pref  
      • Lady Spray, Star, Pref  
        • Ritske 202, Pref  
        • Claartje, Model, Pref    

Test Results

Stallion Testing Scores

Walk:7.0 Trot:7.7 Gallop:6.8 
Riding:7.3 Driving:8.0 Pulling:6.7 
Show driving:7.3 Willingness:7.4 Total:79.7


Breeding Fee: $1500
Semen Availability: Frozen
EVA Status: Negative

Positive carrier for Hydrocephalus. Negative for Dwarfism.
Allowable white 1.2%
Non allowable white 2.8% 
Kinship 17.8%

What to Expect When You Breed to Ulbert

Ulbert 390 Sport is an outstanding example of the modern dressage-type Friesian. He has three impressive gaits that exhibit reach and power. He is intelligent, willing and very trainable—traits he passes on to his offspring. Ulbert throws good size, quality movement, good conformation, abundant hair and beautiful heads.

Offspring Characteristics

  • Good temperaments
  • Kind, easy going and trainable
  • Beautiful, noble heads
  • Adds length to the neck
  • Vertical neck
  • Sloping shoulder
  • Nice, wide loins
  • Good length and slope in the croup
  • Will add length to the front legs
  • Straight front legs
  • Long pasterns
  • Big feet
  • Tight legs
  • Uphill build
  • Powerful walk
  • Excellent rhythm in the trot
  • Balanced movement
  • Jet black coats
  • Abundant hair, adds a lot of hair
  • Good size
  • Can have slightly heavy head/neck connection

Ideal Pairing

  • Not recommended for mares with:
  • Heavy head/neck connection
  • Short in the poll
  • Short hamstrings
  • Front legs slightly under
  • Sickle hocksToes out at the walk

Breeding Record

Approved on Offspring
Approved son Maurits 437 Sport
Sport - 11
1st Premie - 60
2nd Premie - 356
Star mares - 120 / 46%
Crown mares - 3
Model mares - 1
Star stallions and geldings - 45

Notable Offspring

Notable Offspring Details

Maurits 437
Approved Stallion

Evita ISF, Crown
National Champion, Dreaming Gait Friesians Driving IBOP, 80.5, FHANA, 2014
Champion Mare, Provisional Crown, Site Champion, FHANA Keuring, 2012

Albert ISF
5 wins with scores to 70.385%, Third Level, NEDA Spring Dressage, 2018
Champion, Dressage IBOP, FHANA Keuring, 2014
Star Stallion, FHANA Keuring, 2012

Trude W, Ster
1st place, Friesian Reg Champion English Pleasure Hunt Seat Amateur, 2018

Klaes de Schepper, Sport
Awarded Sport predicate, 2010

Jonas ISF
1st Place, three wins at 3rd Level, 2011

Renske Z
Champion, Over all Breed Champion UK & Ireland, Belfast 2012

Ymkje K, Crown
Res. Champion, 1st Premie Crown, FHANA Keuring, 2013
Mare Champion, Provisional Crown, FHANA Keuring, 2010

Trinity ISF
Champion Filly, 1st Premie, FHANA Keuring, 2014

Full Throttle H.S., Star
Champion Gelding, 2nd Premie, FHANA Keuring, 2014

Goitsen van Hiwan
Champion Colt, FHANA Keuring, 2009

Champion Colt, FHANA Keuring, 2009

Nelie of Noble, Star
Res. Champion Mare, FHANA Keuring, 2014

Res. Champion Colt, 2nd Premie, FHANA Keuring, 2014

Echo ISF, Star
Res. Champion Mare, FHANA Keuring, 2012

Gina Tina HSF
Res. Site Champion, 1st Premie, FHANA Keuring, 2012

Ebner Wieke DD
Res. Champion Colt, FHANA Keuring, 2009

Ulbert 390 Offspring News

Ulbert 390 Offspring News Details

Delphina ISF by Ulbert 390, Sport -  1st Premie, Champion Filly

FHANA 2017 Keuring at ISF - Results

September 28, 2017 Another exciting year with outstanding horses at the FHANA inspection at Iron Spring Farm.
FHANA 2017 Keuring at ISF - Results
Sandy Borek and Extravagant ISF, Training Level Champions

Extravagant ISF by Ulbert 390

June 25, 2015 by Beckie LaSalle
Congratulations to Sandy Borek and Extravagant ISF. Off to an exciting start, which now includes a blue ribbon!
Extravagant ISF by Ulbert 390

Jonas ISF At Ohio Valley Friesian Horse Show

September 17, 2012 Jonas ISF, by Ulbert 390 Sport, competed at the Ohio Valley Friesian Horse Show with new owner Michelle McGee.
Jonas ISF At Ohio Valley Friesian Horse Show

Jonas Update

April 13, 2012 Thanks to owner Michele McGee for this update on Jonas ISF by Ulbert.
Jonas Update

Klaes de Scepper by Ulbert, Moving Up

December 16, 2010 Klaes DeSceppere, the 6 year old stallion by Ulbert 390, has made great progress in 2009. In January he entered his first Z1 level competitions and earned enough points after 2 competitions to be …READ MORE 
Klaes de Scepper by Ulbert, Moving Up

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