Warmblood Alumni Mares

Watch Me, Elite, Sport

Dam: Swensie, Prest.
Dam Sire: Wolkentanz II
Foaled: May 16, 2003
Color: Bay
Registry: KWPN
Height: 16.3 H

Watch Me is WFFS negative. 


1st Place, Intermediate 1, AA, USDF All Breeds Year End Awards for KWPN horses, 2014
2nd Place, Intermediate 1, 71.84%, 2014
1st Place, Produce of Dam, Dressage at Devon, 80.30%, 2013
Multiple Top 3 finishes at Prix St George and Intermediate 1 Levels, 2011
Multiple 1st place and high point, Third and Fourth Levels, 2010
Great American USDF Region 1 Championships, Fourth Level Reserve Champion, 2010
KWPN-NA Top 5, 1st place (tie) DG Bar Cup for 4 Year Old, 2nd Place (tie) Dressage Mares, 2nd Place Dressage IBOP 2007

Dam of

Hermes ISF
Winner three Young Horse classes, 2016
1st Premium, KWPN Keuring, 2013

Isadora ISF
High Score Adult Ribbon, KWPN Keuring, 2016
Foal Champion, Dressage at Devon, 2013
Reserve Foal Champion GAIG/USDF East Coast Final, 2013
2nd place, KWPN Under Two, Dressage at Devon, 2013
2nd place, Fillies of 2013, Dressage at Devon, 2013
1st premium, KWPN Keuring, 2013
Reserve Champion Dressage Foal, KWPN Keuring, 2013

Izara ISF
1st place, KWPN Two Years and Under, Dressage at Devon, 2015
Reserve Champion Filly, GAIG/USDF East Coast Final, 2014
Champion Foal, GAIG/USDF East Coast Final, 2013
Reserve Champion Foal, Dressage at Devon, 2013
1st place, 2013 Fillies, Dressage at Devon, 2013
North American Foal Champion, KWPN-NA Top Five, 2013
1st Premium, Champion Dressage Foal, Young Horse Champion, KWPN Keuring, 2013

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Bloodlines Details

    • Sir Sinclair, Keur   KWPN 
      • Lord Sinclair  BAV 
        • Lanciano  WESTF 
        • Cleopatra  BAV 
      • Krishna, Star, Sport, Pref, Prest   KWPN 
        • Flemmingh, Pref   HOL 
        • Christa, Star, Pref, Prest   KWPN 
    Watch Me, Elite/Sport  
    • Swensie, Prest.   KWPN 
      • Wolkentanz II  HANN 
        • Weltmeyer  HANN 
        • St Pr St Lovely  HANN 
      • Wensie, Keur, Pref   KWPN 
        • Pretendent, Keur   KWPN 
        • Sebensie  KWPN