Warmblood Alumni Stallions


KWPN Stallion
Dam: Annasette, Pref., Prestatie
Dam Sire: Argentan

Foaled: February 21, 1995
Color: Gray
Registered by KWPN-NA
Type: Jumping
Height: 16.1 H

Neptune was a promising stallion with an incredible pedigree. His son Ultra ISF was named 1st Premium at the 2004 NA/WPN deuring.

His sire, dam, and many of his siblings have achieved outstanding success in breeding and sports competitions.


Bloodlines Details

    • Roemer, Pref.   KWPN 
      • Pilatus  WESTF 
        • Perseus   
        • Duela, Pr St Pr    
      • Cronella  WESTF 
        • Cyrano   
        • Flocke   
    • Annasette, Pref., Prestatie    
      • Argentan   
        • Absatz   
        • Worms, Ster/Pref/stb    
      • Weinbrise   
        • Wicht   
        • Schutzinsel, Ster/Pref/St    

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