Contango, Pref.

17.2 H | 1988 OLD
Sire: Contender
Dam: Adisa III
Dam Sire: Kronprinz
Breeder: E. Wichmann
Approval: KWPN, OHBS
Breeding Fee: $1500 / $900 Dose Frozen
WFFS status: Negative N/N


1988 - 2007

Contango was a legend in his own time, both as a sire and a performance horse. Contango had a successful career as a Grand Prix show jumper in the Netherlands before switching to dressage. As a dressage horse, he won 33 Grand Prix classes, including six championships. His legacy as a sire cannot be overstated. He is the sire of dozens of grand prix jumpers and dressage horses, including Ravel, Alcazar and Caravella, along with seven Approved stallions.  

Career in Sport

Contango began his career as the champion of his 100-day test in Medingen in 1991 with a score of 146.89. He won both the dressage and jumping portions to claim the championship, and finished with one of the highest overall scores of all time. This potential was realized in the competitive arena, where he succeeded in both show jumping and dressage. His Grand Prix dressage wins came at prestigious shows like Dressage at Devon, the ABIG/USDF Region 1 Championships and the CLBM Finals. In total, Contango won 33 Grand Prix classes.

Winning Offspring

At the time of Contango’s passing, he was the only Preferent stallion in North America. This honor is awarded to the few stallions who demonstrate outstanding individual qualities and who produce exceptional get. His sons and daughters inherit their sire’s athletic ability, movement and versatility.

Son Ravel represented the U.S.A. in two Olympics, and made history with his clean sweep at CHIO Aachen in 2009, his victory in the 2009 Rolex FEI World Cup Dressage Finals and two medals at the World Equestrian Games (WEG) in 2010. Son Alcazar won numerous CDI Grand Prix and represented the U.S.A. on various European tours. Daughter Caravella won a team silver medal at the Pan American Games, numerous CDI Grand Prix and represented Canada in both the WEG and the Olympics. Son Sjapoer won numerous medals at the North American Junior and Young Riders Championships.

Contango’s legacy continues. He was the # 4 USEF Dressage Sire in 2017 with 44 offspring earning USEF points, including 17 horses competing at the FEI level. Contango was ranked #3 USEF Dressage Sire in 2015 and 2016.

Performance Achievements

• Dressage at Devon Winner Grand Prix
• ABIG/USDF Region I Finals Champion Grand Prix
• CBLM Finals Champion Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle
• 33 Grand Prix wins
• 6 Grand Prix Championships
• 1991 Champion of 100-Day Test at Medigen, Germany


Bloodlines Details

Contango descends from incredible horses on both sides of his pedigree, with numerous Olympic and World Championship medal-winning producers.

His sire, Contender, won the 1987 Adelheidsdorf stallion performance test with a jumping index of 146.62. His approved sons include Cantos, Koriander, Chellano Z, and, of course, Contango, the Oldenburg performance test champion.

Contender is one of the most influential sons of Calypso II, in turn a son of the famous Cor de la Bryère. Calypso II, himself an international competitor, sired important jumping horses, as well as several top dressage competitors. Contender's dam, Gofine, is by the immortal Ramiro Z, Preferent. She produced several top show jumpers including Ulina, Largo, Frechdachs and Florenza.

Contango’s dam, the States Premium mare Adisa III, is a daughter of Kronprinz xx.

    • Contender  HOL 
      • Calypso II  HOL 
        • Cor de la Bryere  SF 
        • Tabelle  HOL 
      • Gofine  HOL 
        • G Ramiro Z, Pref   HOL 
        • Cita  HOL 
    Contango, Pref  
    • Adisa III, St. Pr. St.   OLD 
      • Kronprinz  TB 
        • Nizam  TB 
        • Kaiserkrone  TB 
      • Adisa  OLD 
        • Elan  OLD 
        • Adia II  OLD  

Test Results

Stallion Test Scores

Medingen: W 7, T 8, G 8, RT 8, J 9, FJ 8, C 9
Oldenberg Stallion Test Champion with a score of 146.89
Winner of both dressage and jumping portions of the testing


Breeding Fee: $1500 / $900 Dose
Semen Availability: Frozen
EVA Status: Positive

High quality frozen semen available. Excellent conception rate.
$900 per dose or with LFG contract. 
Take advantage of this opportunity while it's still available.
WFFS status: Negative N/N 

What to Expect if You Breed to Contango

Contango continues to produce Grand Prix horses for dressage and jumping. They are recognized for their exceptional character and work ethic. As athletes they have powerful movement and active hind ends—ideal for jumping and dressage. Contango’s offspring come into their own as they mature. As they develop into riding horses, their best qualities emerge.

Offspring Characteristics

• Exceptional character and work ethic
• Powerful hind end, with good use of the hind leg
• Sensible and easy to manage
• Like to be in front of a crowd
• Jumpers have great heart and easy take-off
• Dressage prospects are balanced and easy to collect
• Rectangular shape
• Long neck
• Vertical neck set (desirable in dressage horses)
• Good muscling of the neck (topline)
• Withers high
• Long, sloping shoulder
• Croup is long and slightly sloped (Too much slope is not desirable because the pelvis can’t be flexible, which is needed for collection, especially in the piaffe and passage.)
• Good amount of muscling in the haunches, which adds power
• Good straight front legs, not over or under at the knee
• Slightly sloped pasterns
• Large symmetrical feet (wide)
• Long-strided and elastic trot, with a lot of power
• Powerful, long-strided canter with good carrying power

Ideal Pairing

Contango is Not Recommended for Mares With
• Very sloping long pasterns
• Short length of poll
• Heavy throatlatch
• Roach back
• Sickle hocks
• Low in the heel
• Walk that is short strided and toed out
• Flat croup

Breeding Record

#4 USEF Dressage Sire, 2017
# USEF Dressage Sire, 2016, 2015
Ranked 2nd KWPN Breeding Values Report, Dressage Stallions, 2012
7 Approved Sons: Citango, Maestro, Don Tango, Ravel, Feel Good, Camorkus, Showtime
70 Star Sons and Daughters in Holland
84 Star mares/geldings
39 Keur mares
2 Crown Geldings in North America
15 Elite mares
10 Preferent mares
14 Prestatie mares
56 Sport mares
9 IBOP mares
80 First Premium foals 

Notable Offspring

Notable Offspring Details


Approved KWPN Stallion
Inducted into the Roemer USDF Hall of Fame 2013
Adequan/USDF Horse of the Year Grand Prix, 2011
World Equestrian Games Bronze medals Grand Prix Special and Grand Prix Freestyle, 2010
Rolex FEI World Cup Dressage Finals Champion, 2009
1st Place Grand Prix, Grand Prix Special, and Grand Prix Freestyle, CHIO Aachen, 2009
Represented Team USA at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics

Don Tango
Approved KWPN Stallion
1st Place, 84 points, 4th round KWPN Stallion Competition, 5-Year-Old division, 2013
High scoring dressage stallion, KWPN Spring Stallion Testing, 2011
8s for walk and canter; 8.5 trot; 9 rideability; 9 temperament; 9 self-carriage and balance

Feel Good
Approved Stallion

Approved Stallion – KWPN, NRPS

Approved stallion NRPS

Approved for breeding AES
Grand Prix

Approved stallion KWPN
Grand Prix Dressage


Rider: Katherine Bateson-Chandler / Owner: Jane Clark
1st place, 73.32%, CDI 4* Grand Prix Freestyle, AGDF 10, 2017
4th place, 71.88%, CDWI Grand Prix, AGDF 3, 2017
8th place, 70.08%, CDI5* Grand Prix, AGDF 5, 2017
Winning CDI Grand Prix with scores above 73%, 2016
Team USA European CDI Tour, 2016
7 Grand Prix wins, Wellington, 2015T
Team USA European CDI Tour, 2015

Armante - Showing PSG, 2015
Asther de Jeu- Ridden by Edward Gal
4th Place, 71.131, Prix St. Georges, CDI Drachten, 2013
1st Place, 77.125, I-I Freestyle, CDI Drachten, 2013

Atticus - 6 wins 4th level with scores as high as 71%, 2015

Beyonce - Showing PSG and I-I CDI, 2016
12 PSG and I-I wins, 2015
Reserve Champion I-I, 69.408%, GAIG/USDF Region VI Championships, 2015
Champion PSG, 70.855%, GAIG/USDF Region VI Championships, 2015
Champion I-I Freestyle, 74.7%, GAIG/USDF Region VI Championships, 2015

Broere Maroon – Grand Prix Jumper 

Broere Newton – Grand Prix Jumper
Rider: Christian Kennedy / Owner: Ilse Schwarz
1st place, 61.75%, Fourth Level-1, AGDF 5, 2017
Showing Grand Prix, 2016

Rider/Owner: Megan Lane
1st place, 74.55%, CDIO3* Grand Prix Freestyle, AGDF 11, 2017
3rd place, 70.17%, CDIO3* Grand Prix Special, AGDF 11, 2017
3rd place, 70.08%, CDIO3* Grand Prix, AGDF 11, 2017
Gold Medal Canadian Team, FEI Nations Cup, CDIO 3*, AGDF 11, 2017
1st Place, 2 wins at Grand Prix CDI***, highest score 72.75%, 2014
2nd Place, 69.922, Grand Prix Special 4*, Global Dressage Festival 5 CDI 4*. 2014
4th Place, 71.020, Grand Prix CDI, Global Dressage Festival 3, 2014
7th Place, 70.500, Grand Prix Freestyle CDI, Global Dressage Festival 3, 2014
1st Place, 68.98, Grand Prix Speical, Global Dressage Festival1, 2014
Bronze and Silver Medal NAJYRC 2010 Gold Medal Team NAJYRC, 2009

Claudia - 1st Place Region 1 AA Finals, I-1 2016
Reserve Champion I-I A/A, GAIG/USDF Region I Championships, 2015

Citation ISF - 1st Place, 7.62, Dressage at Devon, FEI 6-Year-Old, 2013
KWPN-NA Keuring 1st Place DG Bar Cup for 5 Year Olds, 2012
KWPN-NA Top 5, DG Bar Cup for 4 Year Olds, North American Champion, 2011
KWPN-NA Keuring 1st Place, DG Bar Cup for 4 Year Old Dressage Horses, 2011
Dressage at Devon Breed Show 1st Place, USEF 4 year olds, 2011
KWPN-NA Keuring 1st Place, DG Bar Cup for 3 Year Olds, 2010

Constantine TGS
Owner: Anna Voelter / Rider: Deirdre Malburg
2nd place, Training level 3, 71.13%, Ft. Worth Cowtown Dressage II, TX, 2017
2nd place, Training TOC, 70.87%, Ft. Worth Cowtown Dressage I, TX, 2017

Faberge Blue
Rider: Michael Bragdell / Owner: William Mitchelson
1st place, 71.61%, Fourth Level-3, AGDF 1, 2017
2nd place, 73.08%, USEF Developing PSG, AGDF 7, 2017
2nd place, 67.50%, USEF Developing PSG, AGDF 5, 2017
2nd place, 70.58%, USEF Developing PSG, AGDF 5, 2017
1st Place, USDF/GAIG Region 1 Championships, Third Level Freestyle, 2016
1st Place, 7 wins at Third Level, 2016
Madoryke – Grand Prix Dressage, Keur, Sport Dressage & Jumping 

Montango- 1st Place Intermediaire I, Festival of the Horse, 2009
1st Place Intermediaire I, Del Mar National Dressage, 2009
1st Place, Intermediaire I, Dressage at Flintridge, 2009

Nanou – Grand Prix Dressage, sport, elite 

New Tango - 1st Place, 5 wins at Intermediare 1 and Grand Prix, 2012
1st Place, 2 wins at Grand Prix, 2010
4th Place Equis World Dressage Masters Grand Prix Special 2004
Dressage at Equestrian Estates, Pan American Games Trials, 1st Place Prix St. George and Intermediaire I, 2003

Nouvelle – Grand Prix Jumper 

Now I’m Here – Grand Prix Dressage 

Octango – Grand Prix Dressage 

Oslo - 1st Place, Intermediare 1 CDI, 70.66%, 2011
Gold Medal, CN North American Young Rider Championships, 2007
Reserve Champion, Canadian Championship Junior Freestyle, 2006

Orisis – Top 3 placings in I-1 and Grand Prix, 2016
Oregon Dressage Society Grand Prix Champion, 2015
Oregon Dressage Society I-2 Champion, 2015

Promenade - Winning Grand Prix, 2015

Rhumba - 2nd Place, USDF/GAIG Grand Prix Freestyle Championships, Region 4, 2016
1st Place, Grand Prix, 2016
1st Place 5 wins at Grand Prix, 2015

Owner/Rider: Eric di Benedetto
1st place, Prix St. George, 63.42%, Las Vegas High Roller CDI and Open Show, 2017
Winning Grand Prix and I-2, 2016
1st Place, 4 wins at Prix St. Georges JR/YR, highest score 72.76%, 2014
1st Place, 15 wins at Prix St. Georges and YR, hgest score 70.526%, 2013
1st Place, 68.237, Young Rider Team Test, USEF Festival of Champions, 2013
1st Place, 68.184, Young Rider Individual Test, USEF Festival of Champions, 2013
1st Place, 72.175, Freestyle, North American Young Riders Championship, 2013
1st Place, 71.605, Individual Test, North American Young Riders Championship, 2013
Team Silver, North American Young Riders Championship, 2013
USEF Dressage Festival of Champions 1st Place Junior Team and Individual Test, 2012
NAJYRC Gold Medal Junior Individual and Bronze Medal Junior Freestyle, 2012
Great American Insurance Group/USDF Dressage Championships, 1st Place FEI Junior Championships, 2012

Telesto - 1st Place, 3 wins at PSG, 2016

Tennyson ISF  - Showing Grand Prix CDI, 2016
1st Place, 5 wins at Grand Prix, 2016
Res. Champion, USDG/Great American, Region 5, AA, Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle, 2016
Rocky Mountain Dressage Society Grand Prix Freestyle A/A Champion, 2015
Rocky Mountain Dressage Society Grand Prix A/A Champion, 2015
1st Place, 7 Grand Prix wins, 2015
1st Place, 4 wins at Grand Prix Jr/YR, 2014

Unika ISF – Winning PSG, 2015
Grand Prix Dressage 

Vontango - Netherlands Indoor Dressage Championship, 1st Place, Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle, 2012

Walando - 1st Place, 5 wins at Grand Prix, 2016
Winning PSG and I-I, 2015

Wencenza - Winning FEI Young Riders, 2015
NA- JR /YR Championships 

Zabaco - 1st Place, 10 wins at I-2 and Grand Prix, 2016

Zantargo - Showing PSG, 2016

Zabaco - Winning Grand Prix, 2016
3 wins Grand Prix with scores as high as 72.4%, 2015

Contango Offspring News

Contango Offspring News Details

USEF Dressage Sires News

December 21, 2018 by Christine DeHerrera
Iron Spring Farm Stallions Ranked 1, 2, 3 Among 800 USEF Dressage Sires.
USEF Dressage Sires News
Katherine Bateson Chandler and Alazar by Contango

Alcazar Wins Grand Prix Special at AGDF CDI3*

February 12, 2018 Katherine Bateson Chandler and Alazar win the Grand Prix Special in Week Five at 2018 Adequan® Global Dressage Festival.
Alcazar Wins Grand Prix Special at AGDF CDI3*
Contango, Preferent

Contango Offspring Competing in 2017

February 5, 2018 Thanks and congratulations to all the owners, breeders and riders who contributed to Contango's success this year as the #4 USEF Dressage Sire.
Contango Offspring Competing in 2017

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